Iraq approved the US security agreement – After months of tough negotiations and intense political wrangling, Iraqi lawmakers Thursday approved the U.S.-Iraqi security agreement, a pact that allows the presence of American troops in Iraq for three more years. The vote — which now needs unanimous ratification from the country’s three-member presidency council — comes after a compromise on a […]

eMuscle Looks to Carve a New Niche in the Interactive Online Community

Over the past five years North America has witnessed a huge boom in online interactive websites. These days it is difficult to find someone who is not apart of, or is at least familiar with, such sites as and According to eMuscle founder Thomas Wick, the interactive online communities have, in the past, […]

Beautiful Review announces its findings on several cosmetic products

Bryan, TX – November 2, 2008- The numbers of beauty products sold in the market have mushroomed and will continue to grow in unison with the latest discoveries of ingredients and ways of reverting the skin’s ageing. “These products are created to be beneficial for us, but if not properly chosen and used, these can […]

There are Several Things to be noted while buying a Used Airplane

November 2008- Tampa, Date— “Buying a used aircraft needs more attention and thorough inspection. Not only is the investment involved in buying a used airplane is large, the simple fact of the matter is an aircraft carries some pretty important passengers, so safety is paramount as well” says Mr. Nick Morris of “There are […]

Are you ready for a Shopping Spree?

November 2008 – Online shopping has become an integral part of modern life. Sunday best through its online portal has opened an opportunity to look forward to. The site is well organized in terms of rich contents it provides. The site mainly concentrates on designer wear for women. A wide range of commodities like […]


November 2008 – In the olden days man started to write on the palm leaves with the help of bird’s feathers. Though it was an inconvenient one to a writer frequently the ink may spilt on our body or shirt. To avoid the spillted ink people usually wiped on the head. After the invention of […]

You can buy Ipod for less now – Apple’s Black Friday sale includes $101 off the new 13-inch MacBooks and discounts on iPods, but those looking to walk away with a cheap iPhone might have to wait. Apple announced Tuesday that it would offer a “special one-day Apple shopping event” the day after Thanksgiving, but provided few other details. The company […]

Review of “Australia” : TopWireNews Entertainment Weekly – Australia” deliberately hearkens back to the kind of filmmakers and films (think David Lean and “Lawrence of Arabia” or John Ford and “The Searchers”) that gave cinema its bigger-than-life scale. The kind of epics that few directors or studios even try for anymore. Luhrmann argues that fear has been the genre’s worst enemy. […]

Holiday for children with empty stocking fund

At least 600 children who come from broken homes and homes where one of the parents have lost their jobs will receive gifts this Christmas with a little help, even though a little early. The annual Empty Stocking Fund gifts deprived children providing them with joy since the year 1912. Apart from a one to […]

Cancer diseases incidence are decreasing – according to an annual report that tracks progress in the war on cancer; The pace at which Americans are getting cancer has started to decline, marking what could be a long-awaited turning point in the battle against the disease. Cancer deaths have also continued a decline that began in the early 1990s, meaning […]