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PR Distribution

For many companies, press release distribution and search engine optimization (SEO) are at the center of getting the most success out of marketing strategies.  Press releases are an extremely useful tool for ensuring that one’s announcement regarding a product, service, or idea is highly visible to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people at a time. Top Wire is the ideal resource for getting the news and announcements of small businesses, non-profits, corporations, and other entities to the forefront of online media.

Despite the widespread use of press releases for online communication and news sharing, many wonder what the benefits are for search engine optimized releases distributed through professional newswires like Top Wire. Many exist, but the following are some of the most desired benefits for using this kind of medium:

Increased Web Visibility– Any business large or small needs to generate buzz about their company for optimum, continued success. The Internet has increasingly become one the fastest mediums for doing so. With search engine optimized press releases, your company news can be picked up by top search engines and newswires, and distributed across the globe in a matter of days, hours, or even minutes.

Increased Chance of Getting Picked Up By Popular News Mediums- Search engine optimization is the one tried and true technique for making sure that press releases are highly recognizable to the most utilized search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The increase in visibility has a domino effect for the picking up of releases by newswires and displaying of news through various channels.

More Effective Marketing –The most effective marketing campaigns are those that have a substantial impact on increased brand recognition and help companies build credibility for their offerings. Press releases with SEO enhance these factors that help companies develop a sense of trust from consumers and businesses by persuading them that what you have to offer exactly matches their needs.

Increased Website Traffic- An increase in visibility to prospective customers or clients equates to an increase in traffic to one’s company or organizational website.

Top Wire provides search engine optimized press release solutions for small businesses, non-profits, corporations, and others who need to keep their consumers informed.  We use the power of innovative technology to put relevant news at the public’s fingertips at the right place and right time, and help companies get a solid return on their online marketing investments. 

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