Enforcement of Clean Air Act – Asbestos Program in Georgia

San Antonio- Texas – 26.03.09 – The Environmental Protection Agency entered into a recent agreement with Georgia announcing taking over the Air Act Asbestos Program within the State. Georgia has been one of the hard hit states due to the recent budget constraints. It has forced them discontinue participation in asbestos related programs like inspection, […]

Massive $24 Million Jury Verdict in Fatal Truck Wreck Lawsuit

Chicago – 26.03.09 – Two families those were the victims of the Plainfield truck crash have now received a $24 million death claim verdict in their favor. The two families of Will County filed lawsuit against the errant truck driver who crashed his truck into a line of cars that were placed on Interstate Highway […]

Mesothelioma cancer News – Rapid advancements in Nanotechnology

Dallas, Texas – 27.03.09 – Rapid advancements made in the field of Nanotechnology has brought up consequential serious concerns about health risks globally. While the usefulness and utility of nanotechnology cannot be ignored, several health risks are believed to be associated with multiple health risks. Clinical experiments and research have revealed that asbestos contents in […]

Northbound Amtrak Train Struck Stranded Car on Railroad Track

New York – 27.03.09 – A car was stranded on the railroad truck when the northbound Amtrak passenger train crashed into it. Apparently the stranded car was earlier struck by another propelling vehicle that pushed it on the railroad at the same time keeping it stranded due to the crash. A result of train crashing […]

Auto Accident Attorneys Highlight Rollover Occupant Protection

Minneapolis, Minnesota –  In a summit of the auto accident attorneys, majority of the speakers recommended rollover occupant protection for automobiles. Not until recently the automobile manufacturers have started paying due attention to this aspect of automobile accident protection. While they have the veritable responsibility of providing reasonable protection measures for the occupants of automobiles […]

Asbestos Dangers Way Back in 1976

Minneapolis, Minnesota  In a sensational revelation a former employee of renowned chemicals and materials company, W.R.Grace & Co, claimed having warned the management about asbestos dangers way back in 1976. “I felt there was a train wreck occurring and I wanted to tell my boss”, said Robert Locke, whose employment stands terminated since 1998. His […]

Choose the right CD printer for your work

High resolution. Your industrial CD printer must be able to print professional-quality images fast. Among the best printers in the market are those with at least 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution, and more than 16 million colors. It should likewise have the latest in color layering technology that allows for better-quality printing and faster drying […]

Leading OS Leader MSFT Rolls out Windows Vista SP2 Beta

Pcmag.com – Beta versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 service pack 2 (SP2) are now available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers, Microsoft announced Monday. The updates will be made available to the public through TechNet’s Customer Preview Program (CPP) on Thursday, December 4. First announced in late October, the new service packs are […]

Polanski’s 30 years old case ends now

Radaronline.com – The legal team for famed film director Roman Polanski has asked a California court to dismiss the 30-year-old statutory rape case against him. Supported by information from a recent HBO documentary, Polanski’s lawyers are presenting ‘extraordinary new evidence’ of ‘repeated, unlawful, and unethical misconduct’ by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and the […]

Nokia 97 now is available

Cnet.com – Nokia officially took the wraps off its mystery smartphone on Tuesday at the Nokia World 2008 conference in Barcelona, Spain. And despite some close guesses, no one got it quite right, so without further ado, let us introduce you to the Nokia N97. Part of the company’s high-end N series of multimedia computers, […]