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Skin Elements Shares Simple Intimate Care Tips To Ease The Conversation On Sexuality and Intimate Health

Skin Elements is the first firm in India to recognize the importance of good intimate hygiene for both women and men with its wide product line.

Gurugram, India, 01/09/2023 / Skin Elements /

It’s a common misconception that guys don’t need to worry as much about keeping themselves clean as women do. But nothing could be further from the truth than that. Men must maintain their intimate hygiene with the same rigour as women because men’s hormones impact it too. Since the male anatomy makes males more prone to infections and other issues if they are not kept clean, some specialists even contend that men should pay even more attention to their privates than women do.

Role of men’s hormones in intimate hygiene

Due to apocrine glands, which are specialized sweat glands situated close to hair follicles and emit proteins that react with microorganisms on the skin’s surface to produce body odor, male genitals sweat significantly more than those of females. Additionally, it appears that the sebaceous glands near the heated external genitalia create sebum, an oily fluid which exacerbates bacterial development. Males must therefore pay particular attention to maintaining their intimate hygiene. Thus, one must set up a routine to care for their genitalia adequately. Today, the routine doesn’t require such a strenuous effort because of scientific advancements that have produced better formulas, making the intimate routine easier. Since Skin Elements‘ solutions are so top-notch, maintaining intimate cleanliness is now simpler than ever.


Skin Elements & its amazing products

Skin Elements is the first firm in India to recognize the importance of good intimate hygiene for both women and men with its wide product line. They are working to reframe conversations around skincare, sexuality, and personal wellness. The brand has now gained a global presence due to its tremendous contribution to intimate health care and related issues.

Men can maintain their ideal intimate health by following a straightforward three-step protocol offered by Skin Elements and its founders.

Gently clean: The first and most important step is to clean the genital area thoroughly using non-abrasive cleaning agents. The best substitute in the modern world is the intimate wash. Skin Elements has designed a wide range of intimate washes to give you the best natural ingredients and extracts. It provides several choices, such as menthol intimate wash, passion fruit intimate wash, and tea tree oil intimate wash.

Remove excess water: It is critical to remove excess water from your genitals after washing. Your skin will be left soft and clean when you pat it dry with a towel or use the intimate hygiene wipes from Skin Elements.

Moisturize: Use a quality moisturizer with the right composition and pH level as the last step to prevent it from disrupting the chemical balance of your genitals.

Skin Elements’ wide range of intimate hygiene products has a lot more for you to discover. Let’s ease the intimate talk with Skin Elements!


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