Top Wire is a trusted resource for getting news and information to the forefront online. We assist small businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and others with reaching a range of target audiences including general consumers, investors, and policy makers, as well as media outlets. We are highly experienced in facilitating electronic distribution both nationally and globally, combing search engine optimization and effective press release and news writing to keep people informed of major developments.

What sets Top Wire apart from other newswires is our ability to help companies realize the full extent of their marketing potential. By giving companies access to a resource for distributing important information for investors, updates, and other announcements, we provide companies with the tools they need for developing a more powerful web presence. Our releases are highly visible to top ranked search engines such as Google and Yahoo, and get picked up by other major online media outlets.

The Power of the Press Release

Press releases have for decades been used for effective marketing, SEC regulation compliance for companies, and other purposes. Companies rely on press release distribution to bring in clients on a grand scale and get important information to the masses. Top Wire understands what it takes to make a press release work for you, and have media outlet connections that enable us to help clients get key information to those seeking to find it.

Benefits of using Top Wire include:

  • SEO optimization for releases that contribute to increased web visibility
  • 24 hour access to updated, relevant news and information pertaining to business, health, law, technology, and other fields
  • Access to fast, effective methods for releasing key company news and announcements

Small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations can register today to begin the process of getting important news and information to press ASAP. Registration is currently free, and users can personalize their releases for branding and marketing of companies, products, services, or ideas.

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