Charges against the German girl’s rape victim may drop

Goa police is likely to leave the charges made against Atanasio Monserrate, the state education minister’s son Rohit for raping a minor tourist aged 14 years from Germany. The police has also told in the affidavit of the Bombay High Court’s Panaji bench that there are actually no powerful proof and evidences against Rohit and […]

Media Vault RAID Arrays introduced by One Stop Systems for commercial applications

One Stop Systems, have introduced Media Vault RAID Arrays for commercial applications. Commercial applications provide components and computing systems of industrial grade globally. Part of its latest storage line, the company made its announcement today. Various products of the RAID Arrays are available from Media Vault like the arrays with Fiber Channel SCSI, a desktop […]

Viacom and Time Warner makes an agreement for cable serials

There seemed to be great news for little kids in Los Angeles, New York and other huge cities that the blackout of the serial “SpongeBob” has now been avoided. The ball already fell in the Times Square, however, Time Warner Cable and MTV Networks kept on discussing in the new year thereby coming to a […]

India and Pakistan exchanges the nuclear installations lists

The decline in bond after Mumbai terrorist attacks did not affect the yearly rituals between Pakistan and India. Both the sides exchanged the list of nuclear facilities as well as installations on the very first date of this New Year 2009. The two nations exchanged such lists for 18th year, as per the external affairs […]

Global Garde copy protection introduced by CD Digital Card, the DVD Replication Company

DVD Replication Leader CD Digital Card offers comprehensive and effective protection for digital content. CD Digital Card’s exclusive copy protection program, the revolutionary Global Garde technology has been introduced by this company. Problems related to intellectual property fair use protection and piracy can be effectively solved using this technology, thereby saving billions of dollars for […]

Firefox gains 21 percent and IE falls by 69 percent in market share

The month of December saw Microsoft unable to slow down the downfall of its web browser, the Internet Explorer. Chrome, Firefox and Safari posted substantial gains while at least 1.5 points were surrendered by IE, according to Net Applications. Internet Explorer lost at least 8 points in the last year and is at its lowest […]

LG to unveil Motion –Blur- Free LCD TV

Fast moving images on flat panel displays often cause blurring. The Trumotion 480 Hz that uses scanning backlight technology is helping eliminate the blur normally witnessed on flat panel televisions due to fast moving images. At the Consumer Electronics Show to be held next month, LG Display would unveil this new product. With a 4-millisecond […]

Dairy producer from China claims responsibility for six baby deaths due to tainted formula

The biggest dairy producer from China’s former chairwoman today pleaded guilty accepting responsibility for melamine tampering which led to the death of six kids and at least 300,000 injuries. According to an alert issued by food injury lawyers from Palm Beach County and news reporters dealing with tainted milk justice, a Sanlu executive from China […]

Jumbo-adventurous tale of a sweet baby elephant

Jumbo, the latest animated movie, is actually based on the story Chao Praya Prah Hongsawadee by Ariya Jintapanichkarn that highlights the adventurous tale of a baby elephant Jaiveer or Jumbo. The sweet and innocent baby elephant wishes to follow the footsteps of Yudhveer, his missing father along with becoming a royal elephant of the Kingdom. […]

Starsky actor, Bernie Hamiton dies

The popular star Bernie Hamilton playing the role of a no-nonsensical policeman in the Starsky and Hutch in 1970s died. The star was aged 80 years when he left this world. It is reported that the great actor died as a result of cardiac arrest on Tuesday night. He lost his breath at the Cedars-Sinai […]