Winona Ryder is being caught – Convicted shoplifter Winona Ryder is caught in the middle of an alleged jewelry theft, she has been accused of swiping more than $124,000 worth of Bulgari jewels she borrowed for a Nov. 20 event sponsored by Marie Claire magazine in Madrid, according to Ryder, who was caught stealing from a Saks Fifth […]

Amazon is improving its features – Internet companies have been delighted to offer their users the chance to perform many of the tasks they would otherwise have to hire people to do, from making videos to tattling on those who write offensive comments. Now has found a way to offload to users one of the most tedious tasks […]

S Africa’s fight against AIDS offered funds by UK

In order to fight against AIDS, Barbara Hogan, the new health minister of South Africa has been offered funds amounting to 15 million pounds by UK. To find a solution to the health crisis that abounds in South Africa, Ms Hogan was appointed as the health minister. The HIV/AIDS epidemic is the worst in South […]

Task of new Yahoo CEO may be made difficult by Yang

Since refusing the $44.5 billion takeover bid there was a 60 percent fall in the shares of Yahoo. Even as Jerry yang, the Chief Yahoo is working down the hall, Yahoo may not find it very easy to find a chief executive officer. After Yahoo refused the bid from Microsoft on Nov.17th, Yang aged 40 […]

Mammograms are a source of controversy

 Breast cancers detected by mammograms just go away sometimes say researchers Mammograms are a source of controversy with their ability to detect tumors in the breast using a routine tool for screening. There are no indications of the fading of these controversies in the near future either. There are times when lumps are found in […]

Limited Black Friday price cuts offered by Apple

The much awaited discounts on iPods, Mac computers and various other accessories were offered on Black Friday by Apple Inc. Level of discounts and price cuts were however the same as previous years and not steeper as speculated. Consumers were kept on high excitement with an announcement of a “shopping even” named Black Friday by […]

Now videogames will travel with you

Games and consoles are now being adapted to be carried around in automobiles, planes and trains, even holiday destinations. This is being made sure by makers of video games including Nintendo which on Friday will be releasing two Nintendo DS bundles of limited edition. These include the Ice Blue Nintendo DS containing a “Brain Age” […]

Check your body for cancer at home – The Canadian province of Ontario has one of the world’s highest rates of colorectal cancer, according to the provincial health ministry, and it’s the second deadliest cancer in the province. The disease has a 90-percent cure rate when caught during its early stages but because the cancer is often asymptomatic until it is […]

Can HIV be actually prevented in high risk populations will pill?

Since the 1990s, there have been a lot of drugs fighting against HIV which have actually prevented the death of those affected by this disease. Research is extensively on now to determine whether these drugs could actually work with prevention of this deadly disease in areas of high risk. Studies and clinical trials are being […]

Astronauts enjoy Freeze-dried feast for Thanksgiving

Astronauts at the International Space Station celebrated Thanksgiving by raising a toast with iced tea filled plastic cups on Thursday. Don Pettit, the astronaut from the Spacestation, Endeavour held a makeshift plastic cup in his hand and wished everyone on and off earth a good Thanksgiving. Pettit showed that they could drink from cups as […]