CD label printer tip by CD Replication Company Duplium – Before rushing out to purchase a CD label printer, you will need to do your research. A great place to start is by visiting a local computer store. While these types of establishments are in business to sell to you, they can also be a wealth of valuable information. There you will find […]

Terror strikes in Afghanistan

Terror seems to be in the air. The US embassy was the target once again. The US embassy in Kabul once again saw blood shed as a suicide car bomber crashed sending off a powerful blast. It killed 4 Afghani s who happened to be present there and wounded a dozen more. Witnesses say that […]

Main street hopeful with lowering of mortgage rates in US

Homebuyers will be helped by Federal Reserve as announced on Tuesday bringing a breather to a lot of mortgage brokers and their clients. Greg Humphrey, a mortgage broker from Cincinnati says he hopes this will be as beneficial for a lot of people as it was for one of his clients. Humphrey and his colleagues […]

Vulnerability of Windows exploited by Internet worm

A security hole is being exploited by a worm Win32/Conficker.A which is going around on Windows machines. According to an announcement from Microsoft, a security patch for this hole was released in the month of October. A security update MS08-067 addressed a critical vulnerability which is being exploited as seen by the increased number of […]

Minnesota recounting disappoints Franken

The decision of the five-member state Canvassing Board that recounted the votes came as a blow to Democrat Al Franken. It was clear that he has lost the election. He had been banking heavily on the reconsideration of the absentee ballots. The five-member board declared that they would not take into count the absentee votes […]

Activation of protein in Red Wine provides clues to aging

An ingredient found in Red Wine the resveratrol has provided a new insight for scientists on the reason for aging. Health and lifespan of laboratory mice are known to improve with resveratrol. There is a compromise in the integrity of chromosomes with age. A protein known as sirtuin is activated by resveratrol which in turn […]

Video rental box from Blockbuster too expensive and late?

Movies can be streamed directly from Blockbuster to your television sets with the help of the set top box provided by Blockbuster in association with 2Wire according to an announcement. But the question remains as to how many would prefer replacing Netflix with this. After a lot of speculation, “MediaPoint”, the Blockbuster box was finally […]

Mechanical pumps not used in a proper manner for ailing hearts say researchers

Medicare patients who are fitted with mechanical heart pumps to assist them with pumping blood frequently visit hospitals thereby paying huge medical bills. Death rate is also higher among patients fitted with this pump says a new study. Wrong use of this device is the reason in spite of its great potential and promise. It […]

Urine recycled to drink

Recycling seems to be the order of the day. Now we have recycled urine. On Tuesday NASA officials of a solar array-rotating gear and a recycling system that turns urine into drinkable water declared that they would ramp up a six-unit crew next year. This is a testimony to the fact that the battery of […]