Study points to rapid changes in retail

New research has indicated that both Britain’s domestic and the global retail sector…

Bad weather affects high street stores but boosts online shopping

News reports have revealed that the recent bad weather in the UK has had a …

Denon comes up with an ace in the form of DVD-A1UDCI

Denon Electronics, one of the world’s premier manufacturers of high-quality home entertainment components has recently announced the introduction of what it claims to be the ultimate ‘Universal’ Blu-ray Audio cum Video player the DVD-A1UDCI. The model has ingrained its name in the company’s illustrious flagship HD home entertainment system, which includes the likes of Denon […]

European Market Facing BD Hardware Shortage

As the X-Mas is arriving most of the people are planning to upgrade their home entertainment gear by purchasing a standalone Blu-ray disc player. As per the Screen Digest, the media analyst’s report, the today’s customer prefers DVDs and Blu-ray discs when it comes to watching his favorite movie. Gone are the days when the […]