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Northbound Amtrak Train Struck Stranded Car on Railroad Track

New York – 27.03.09 – A car was stranded on the railroad truck when the northbound Amtrak passenger train crashed into it.

Apparently the stranded car was earlier struck by another propelling vehicle that pushed it on the railroad at the same time keeping it stranded due to the crash.

A result of train crashing into the stranded car was quite visible as the car was completely crashed. Debris flew to all sides in form of splinters. Fortunately, the driver of the car was not inside the car when the crash took place. Apparently, he had left it after the first accident that caused the car stuck on the railroad unable to move further.

“The accident took place in the early morning on Thursday, the 26th March”, said one of the Railway Officials. “The car got stuck on the railroad on the way of the Amtrak passenger after it crashed with another vehicle on Livingston Avenue just south of North Brunswick.”

New Jersey Transit sources reveal that the Amtrak train was headed from Washington D.C to Boston, Massachusetts when it hit the disabled car.
“The car was struck by another vehicle propelling it onto the tracks just before the train arrived”, says the local investigating officer. “Two of the four railroad tracks were shut down because of the debris from the train versus car crash”, he continued.

Amtrak confirmed that as many as 278 passengers and crews were on board the train. However no immediate injuries have been reported. Even the driver of the car was not injured in the accident.

Local residents however are concerned about such unmanned level crossings where chances of similar accidents are more. They are hoping that good sense will prevail with the railway authorities and such unmanned crossings would soon have preventive gates.

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