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Fresno Car Wash Faces Suit Alleging $279k in Unpaid Wages

The California Labor Commissioner has sued White Glove Car Wash for multiple violations, says Bay Area Employment lawyer Eric Grover.

03/21/2013 // San Francisco, CA, USA // Keller Grover LLP // Eric Grover // (Blog)

Employers who don’t let their workers clock-in when they begin work, like White Glove Car Wash is accused of, are basically stealing their workers’ wages. When you start work the law requires that you start getting paid then, not several hours later. This employment principal is among the most basic and only hurts workers who are often not highly paid to begin with, says Bay Area employment lawyer Eric Grover. I commend the DSLE for using the tools at their disposal to hold employers accountable

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California Labor Commissioner Julie A. Su has filed suit against a Fresno car wash owner alleging multiple labor law violations, including failure to provide minimum wage and overtime to employees.The lawsuit, filed in Fresno County Superior Court, seeks more than $279,000 in unpaid wages, penalties and damages.

Fresno Car Wash Faces Suit Alleging 279k in Unpaid Wages

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