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Texas Employment Lawyer Cautions Physicians to Consider Key Provisions in Employment Agreements

/ 01/06/2012

Keith Clouse, a Dallas lawyer who specializes in employment law, drafts and reviews many employment agreements for physicians. Mr. Clouse believes that a doctor must carefully consider certain provisions before signing a proposed employment contract. For example, a doctor must consider:

• Whether the term of the contract is long enough to allow the doctor to establish and grow a practice;
• Whether the compensation scheme allows the doctor to maximize income;
• Whether benefits, such as payment for job-related expenses, vacation time, and sick leave are favorable;
• Whether minimum collection requirements will be adjusted if the doctor is temporarily disabled because of an injury or illness;
• Whether the doctor’s on-call obligations are clear and reasonable;
• Whether the procedures and conditions regarding early termination of the agreement (by either party) are fair;
• Whether the non-compete provision will enable the doctor to continue practicing medicine within a desirable area;
• Whether malpractice insurance will cover the doctor once the employment ends; and
• Whether disputes will be handled in court or through arbitration.


Because Texas law treats physician employment agreements uniquely, hiring an attorney who regularly drafts these employment agreements ensures that an agreement meets all legal requirements and that the physician obtains the best deal possible. To ask Mr. Clouse to review a proposed physician employment agreement, contact the employment law attorneys at Clouse Dunn LLP at [email protected]


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