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New York City Divorce Lawyer – Mediation Attorney: Are Tiger and Elin seeking divorce mediation?


New York, NY (News)-Rumors have been swirling that the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorce is “100 percent happening” for sometime now. Although a divorce may be imminent, the couple has yet to file, leading many to speculate that they are hashing out a divorce settlement behind closed doors through divorce mediation. YS Mediation, New York’s leading divorce mediation and conflict resolution specialist explains why meditation is the best for their family, especially for their children.

US Magazine reported “Elin and her mom met with a lawyer before they went to Sweden.” Elin and her two kids Sam, 2, and Charlie, 14 months, recently took a trip to Stockholm, where Elin’s family lives, without Tiger. Sources close to the couple say, “It’s going to take a long time to go through [the divorce]. [But] she will go through with it. She is all about being a mom. She will do it slowly and carefully.” According to an insider, there has been “nonstop construction” at the $3 million home in Vaxholm, Sweden that Elin purchased in December, leaving many wondering if she plans on moving back to her native home following the divorce proceedings.

Although sources and insiders have been buzzing that an official divorce announcement is imminent, could that be because a settlement has been reached through mediation and they’re finally ready to file? It is possible Tiger and Elin have opted for divorce mediation to keep they’re already public life, a little more private. The Woods’ may have been meeting with a divorce mediator, behind closed doors to reach a settlement of assets and a custody agreement regarding their children. This would keep the already disheveled couple from further public embarrassment and attention, thus protecting their two young children. The fact that the Woods’ have been through so much, the idea of trying to keep their divorce private through mediation is not totally out of the question.

New York based YS Mediation offers divorce mediation and conflict resolution services to couples who are seeking an end to their marriage. Only when a settlement is reached will the mediator, who is also an attorney, file the divorce in court for a judge to sign, making the split public knowledge. Contact YS Mediation for a private consultation and take the first step into freedom from a typical, high cost divorce.

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