NYC Divorce Mediation Lawyer: Like the Gores, many couples split after years of marriage

06/15/2010 New York, NY (News)-The shocking separation announcement made by Al and Tipper Gore after 40-years of marriage, has left many friends, fans, and family members in disbelief. But marriage experts suggested the Gores are a part of a growing phenomenon, in which couples who have invested 20-40 years together, are deciding to spend the […]

New York City NY Divorce Mediation Lawyers: Is divorce looming for Kendra and Hank?

06/02/2010 New York, NY (News)-Reality TV star, and former girlfriend to Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson, and her NFL husband, Hank Baskett, are reportedly on the rocks following the surfacing of a sex tape, or sex tapes, featuring the Playboy model. Baskett has apparently had enough after discovering that a sex tape, featuring his wife with […]

New York City Divorce Lawyer – Mediation Attorney: Are Tiger and Elin seeking divorce mediation?

05/10/2010 New York, NY (News)-Rumors have been swirling that the Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren divorce is “100 percent happening” for sometime now. Although a divorce may be imminent, the couple has yet to file, leading many to speculate that they are hashing out a divorce settlement behind closed doors through divorce mediation. YS Mediation, […]

NBA star Iverson receives divorce subpoena

04/09/2010 NBA star Allen Iverson marital separation becomes public record when spouse hired typical divorce attorney elected divorce court over private divorce mediation. New York, NY(news)–NBA star’s wife chooses divorce litigation instead of divorce mediation and finds her private and personal family matter making national headlines. Philadelphia NBA basketball player, Allen Iverson, is now involved […]

New York Divorce Lawyer News: Sandra Bullock dilemma-divorce mediation vs litigation

04/09/2010 Sandra Bullock and Jesse James in splitsville leaving the media wondering divorce mediation or divorce lawyer. New York, NY(news)–The news media continues to circle the divorce question around the names of Hollywood mega star Sandra Bullock and her motorcycle riding husband Jesse James. According to recent news reports, the Oscar winning actress has moved […]