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Hudson family cases of murder finally solved

Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar award winning actress’s separated brother-in-law, was charged by the police on the record of murders of the actress’s mother, nephew and brother thereby expressing the confidence that the proof was enough to convict. As per Jody Weis, the Chicago Police Superintendent, one can never know how the judges will decide a particular type of case but he is sure enough that the proof is enough to make the case a strong one. Also, according to the police, they have found the physical proof as well as the weapon of murder along with the testimony that can help in convicting the famous actress’s brother-in-law, William Balfour, the husband of Jennifer’s sister Julia.
People who were found to be dead were Hudson’s 29 years old brother Jason and Darnell Donerson, her mother in the South Side residence of the family. But Julian King’s body was found after four days of the murders along with the gun that was used in order to slay the victims. Apart from the slayings that took place, Balfour was also charged for the issue of home invasion. Michele Balfour, William’s mother protested aggressively that her son is innocent along with declaring that police only relied on what William’s girlfriends have reported. She further added that “They got a botched-up investigation” and that Balfour truly loved Donerson, the actress’s mother more than she ever loved his own mother.
Weis also reported that no agreements were made in lieu of the witness statements declaring William, who has also been held for the parole infringement since these slayings. He also said that “We had citizens standing up and doing the right thing.” The actress got her career start in the year 2005 when she competing in the American Idol, an United States television serial even though she failed reaching the final rounds. She was soon given the role Effie White in Dreamgirls in the year 2006.

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