“The Beat” Real Cop Talk Interviews FBI Mob Informant about Judicial Corruption

Real Cop Talk Radio will have a LIVE interview from a remote location with FBI MOB Informant Lewis Kasman to shed light on judicial corruption

Legal Blogs for Lawyers

06/23/2010 Legal Blogs for Lawyers earn the advantages: While many law firms have no qualms sitting in their prestigious corner office, communicating with clients through their paralegals, some lawyers to have a more personal approach. If you are looking to be a more approachable lawyer, the good news is, prospective clients are looking for you […]

Blogs for Lawyers, Blogging for attorneys Lawyer Blogs by Dallas SEO Company

Marketing through the Internet is now the most valuable solution for practically any professional in any industry. Legal professionals are no exception. Lawyers are expected to uphold certain standards of credibility and professionalism. Blogging allows one to do so by providing a base for communicating the knowledge, skill, and success, of an attorney or law […]

Hudson family cases of murder finally solved

Jennifer Hudson, the Oscar award winning actress’s separated brother-in-law, was charged by the police on the record of murders of the actress’s mother, nephew and brother thereby expressing the confidence that the proof was enough to convict. As per Jody Weis, the Chicago Police Superintendent, one can never know how the judges will decide a […]

Revolutionizing the patent office

According to some of the leaders in the field of technology, the US Patent system gives a chance for people to misuse the patents by dragging companies and inventors to court. This is due to the presence of more lawyers as against inventors according to an inventor Blaise Mouttet. Mouttet in cooperation with the US […]