Netflix to offer streaming HD movies through Roku

The player through which, subscribers of Netflix stream movies from the Internet to their digital TV, is a product of Roku. According to an announcement from Roku on Monday, this hardware will now support content that is high-definition as a result of its recent upgradation. Over the next few weeks, Roku will provide Netflix subscribers […]

Registrations open for the Summit conference of the Future of Packaged Entertainment

Jointly produced by the Entertainment Merchants Association, Storage association on content delivery and Media-Tech Association, the Future of Packaged Entertainment Summit is scheduled for February third to fourth at California, Hollywood based Universal Hilton. Various topics will be addressed upon include green packaging, blu ray disc marketing, attitude of consumers towards the media of packaging, […]

Sherwood America Inc comes up with its debut Blu-ray DVD player

Sherwood America Inc., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high performance audio and video consumer electronics, has recently announced that it has started shipping its first Blu-ray DVD player that has been specially aimed at consumers who have been waiting for affordability and optimum performance. It is worth mentioning that Sherwood’s premier entry-level Blu-ray […]