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The deliberative focus of Hinen-solar is holding its basis on solar energy area

The deliberative focus of Hinen-solar is holding its basis on solar energy area. The goodwill of Hinensoalr is to produce environmentally friendly and non-polluting products, that can participate in the reduction of carbon emission

The products are sorted as:

– Hybrid Solar Inverter

– Energy Storage System

– Home/Portable Solar Plant

With expenses of more than 20 million USD, Hinen is bringing revolutionary technological research, completing the production chain with the help of 300 experienced engineers, and boosting the manufacturing capacity up to 1GW battery cells and 20,000 sets of solar hybrid inverters in the year 2023.

Now many well-known automakers have moved toward lithium batteries in hybrid and electric vehicles, the reason is simple, they value safety, and Energy storage products equipped with car-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries can easily match up the needs of different execution scenarios along the boundaries of environmental protection and safety.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are considered most safe against lead acid batteries, the reason is its features, which can be characterized as high-temperature resistance, high-rate discharge, and long cycle life. One of the most highlighted features is its extravagant performance in unfavorable conditions like extrusion, overcharging, and overheating. Regarding its electromechanical performance, all indicators such as battery capacity, cycle life, and energy density have supremacy over lead batteries.

The best pros of lithium batteries are their environment-friendly nature and non-polluting mechanism, as we all know the index of pollution is increasing day over day, here Henin provides an eco-friendly solution.

If you are considering a portable power station for unfavourable conditions like, temporary power failure happens or a natural disaster causing circuit damage.

These car-grade batteries can provide high-power output, and could be enough to run household appliances.


The latest product, PS3000 has many exciting features some of which are given below:

  • car-grade aluminium case lithium iron phosphate power battery

  • Large Capacity of 2500Wh

  • Maximum power of 3000W of power battery

  • Can support 2.5kWh battery expansion packs

  • Can support up to 6 power packs

  • Safe and durable

  • providing a stable power supply for your home appliances

  • Charged through solar panel

  • Fully charged in about 3.5 hours

Hinen-solar is the best product to ensure you keep your expense in control by utilizing solar energy and also providing a breakthrough to carbon emission in world. These car-grade batteries are more long-lasting, more eco-friendly, more time-saving, and more pocket friendly.

To make your life much smoother hinen-solar is revolting a new way for you.

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