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2023 World Design Ratings Reveal the Grandmasters of Design

2023 World Design Ratings Reveal Top Designers, Artists, and Architects of the Year


The 2023 World Design Ratings, have officially been released, honoring some of the most outstanding designers from around the world. These annual ratings recognize and celebrate the best designs across a wide range of industries, with a focus on creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Designers and architects have always been an important part of society, but it can be challenging for businesses and consumers to identify the best among them. Traditional academic titles, such as Bachelor of Arts or Master of Architecture, don’t always indicate a designer’s skill, professional capabilities, or creative potential. To help separate the very best designers, artists, and architects, A’ Design Award & Competition has partnered with the World Design Consortium to create the World Design Ratings, a new system for honoring exceptional designers worldwide.

The World Design Ratings system, created by A’ Design Award & Competition in collaboration with the World Design Consortium, is a fair and equal opportunity for designers to express their true marketwise professional capabilities, design skill, and creative tenets to business prospects and society at large. The system is a way to honor good designers, artists, and architects for their exceptional design work. World Design Rating titles and honorifics are granted based on the quantity and quality of design awards won, which are determined through a blind-peer review process and anonymous judging on pre-established evaluation criteria. This ensures that only the very best designers are granted the highest titles, without any possibility for nepotism or political influence.

The World Design Ratings are similar to chess ratings in that they both provide a system for evaluating and ranking individuals or designers based on their level of skill or achievement. Just like chess ratings, which track a player’s performance over time and adjust their rating accordingly, the World Design Ratings also accumulate and take into account a designer’s previous performances. In this sense, the World Design Ratings can be thought of as a cumulative system for tracking the progress and skill level of designers, much like how chess ratings track the progress and skill level of chess players.

The 2023 World Design Ratings are based on a cumulative scoring system, which takes into account a designer’s previous achievements and awards. This ensures that the ratings accurately reflect the overall quality and impact of the designer’s work.

This year’s winners include designers from a wide range of industries and disciplines, including architecture, product design, graphic design, and more. These designers have been recognized for their exceptional creativity, innovation, and ability to push the boundaries of their respective fields. 

“With the World Design Ratings system, designers can now communicate their design skills and capabilities easily and be recognized for their exceptional work on an international level, we are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 World Design Ratings,” said Onur Mustak Cobanli, the coordinator of the A’ Design Awards. “These designers are true leaders in their fields, and their work is a testament to the power of design to inspire and innovate. We are honored to recognize their achievements and contributions to the world of design and we hope the World Design Ratings system encourages and incentivizes exceptional designers worldwide to create new, superior works that would ultimately benefit and advance our society.” 

To see the full list of granted titles, visit the World Design Ratings website, where designers can also see their ranking and rating with respect to their peers. The website also offers further questions and answers regarding the ratings and the titles. The World Design Ratings website and the honorees can be accessed at

About A’ Design Awards
The A’ Design Awards is an international design competition that recognizes, rewards and promotes outstanding design projects and designers from all over the world. Entries are evaluated by a panel of international experts, who assess the entries based on several criteria such as innovation, functionality, and aesthetics. The competition is open to designers, companies, and design agencies of all sizes, and the winners are announced on an annual basis.


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