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Ukrainian EdTech Startup Navchu.Online, born in a war time to change shape of personalized learning

Ukrainian EdTech Startup Navchu.Online, born in a war time to change shape of personalized learning

Tallinn, Estonia, 01/05/2023 / PRNEWS.IO /

January 5, 2023. Kyiv, Ukraine

War in Ukraine changed a lot of standard processes and made it nearly impossible for the educational system to work without electricity and even heating in schools. At the same time, there are a growing number of outstanding projects.

“Exceptional circumstances lead to exceptional solutions”, – says the co-founder of Navchu.Online Volodymyr Volodin. – “We have a strong background in the EdTech area and we thought a lot about how we can help thousands of students and teachers.”

Right after the year of COVID-19 millions of Ukrainian students found themselves in a war situation. Most of them are still in Ukraine, but a lot stay in European countries. And nearly all of them have problems with school education. So there is a huge demand for education in one country. At the same time, we have an enormous amount of professional school teachers with free time because some schools are closed, and some try to work online but problems with electricity make this process very difficult.

Huge demand from parents and a lot of free teachers – it’s an opportunity founders of Navchu.Online saw. There were some online marketplaces where parents could choose preferable teachers. But mostly their information was not correct and the process of selecting a proper teacher for a child is a big headache for parents. Let’s not forget that they need not just select a teacher, but choose an affordable time according to the child`s and teacher`s availability and schedule it to meet the schedule of electricity turn-offs.

Navchu.Online team has already experimented with scheduling technologies and decided to launch a project, based on all their experience and combining ideas of Uber (not surprisingly) and Tinder (it was a surprise even for them).

Service Navchu.Online was launched in July and started from 5 students, 2 teachers, and 10 lessons a week and till the end of 2022 they reached a threshold of 1000 lessons a week. The project and team are growing exponentially.

The project managed to succeed not only because of the demand for private lessons and the availability of teachers. There are a few cornerstones under the hood, that led to overperforming similar online services:

  1. Uber-like orders. If parents need a teacher for their child, they just make an order and service-stuff will select the best teacher for their goals. All the combinations of schedules and educational goals are calculated by AI software so it becomes a simple process.

  2. There are no free trial lessons that are usually used in such projects. In Navchu.Online model parents can request to change teacher after the first lesson or they can ask for refund. But, because of good teacher-student fit, the service has less than 0,2% of requests to change teachers. And most such requests are made by project staff for better educational results.

  3. Constant quality checkups and feedback from all the parties: teachers, parents, and students led to satisfaction of all the parties and minimized churn rate.

Navchu.Online became nationwide already. The project was funded by Ukrainian company YaVkursi and now it has constant profit growth. The next step is to bring the project to the European market. The team investigated opportunities in Poland and other countries and saw that markets are very similar. Ukrainian customers are a lot like European and the teacher base is big enough in Europe too.

Project Navchu.Online appeared at the right time in the right place and became both a solution for educational problems for parents and a stable income source for teachers. 2022 was a year of business model checkup, 2023 will be the year of international growth. Founders see big perspectives and the project does not need any more funding to grow. At least the following year founders of Navchu.Online reported that they have no plans to involve any additional funding.

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