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New course from ChildCare Education Institute on An

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ATLANTA, GA, Aug. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The ChildCare Education Institute® (CCEI), an online childcare training provider dedicated exclusively to the early childhood care and education workforce, is pleased to introduce CUR134: An Introduction to Learning Stories to the online training catalog for childcare.

A learning history is a record of what a caregiver observed about a child or group of children. Learning stories can use text, images, or videos in any combination. They usually focus on a specific point in time, but can also involve an accumulation of a child’s experiences over a longer period of time. You can also focus on a group experience or a moment when children were engaged in learning experiences together.

Learning stories highlight children’s thinking skills, approaches to learning, and dispositions. Dispositions are described as characteristics or attitudes toward learning that children exhibit. Retelling an event becomes a learning story when the teacher adds their perspective or feedback about the child’s learning and development. This may include a description of the specific skills the child has demonstrated, or a more theoretical perspective such as the child’s approach to learning.

Learning stories help teachers connect with aspects of early education that bring them joy and fulfillment. Using learning stories can also help teachers nurture their love of teaching. The first-person format makes documentation personal. The narrative format gives educators the opportunity to share their feelings about the steps in a child’s unique developmental journey. Instead of spending time figuring out what kids can’t do, teachers focus on documenting kids’ success stories. This focus on success creates a positive attitude in both children and teachers. Repeating learning stories with children helps teachers form emotional connections with children, which fosters a nurturing, curious,…

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