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Influencer and Youtuber @learnwithjaspal Shares a Short Video of Sal Khan About Overcoming Stress

Youtuber Jaspal Aka’ Learn with Jaspal’ shares a motivational youtube short about dealing with stress.

Dallas, USA, 07/12/2022 / KISS PR Brand Story /

In a world full of competition, we tend to get stressed about many things. However, prolonged stress can be deadly, and thus, it is essential to learn how to deal with it.

In this video, Jaspal shares a clip where the speaker ‘Sal Khan, talks about overcoming stress.

Here are the things shared in the video clip:

  • When you are stressed, look up at the night sky and imagine the universe’s scale, the universe’s age, the distance to the next star, the sentient creatures, and the other M class planets which are also looking at the night sky.

  • Think about the shared experience and the civilizations that have come in; it’ll put your problems into a little bit of perspective.

  • If you can take a walk through the woods, forget your name, identity, and ambitions, and realize that you are just another animal walking towards another mammal.

  • Recognize that you are not quite sure of the reason for your existence, but you enjoy the ride and love the mystery of everything around you. You want to explore it more when you’re stressed, and there will be times of stress in your life.

Remember these tips the next time you feel stressed and notice the difference.

Keep checking out this space for motivation and growth.


Source: kisspr

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