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Fitness Influencer and TikTok Creator @maddie.cleary Shares the Reason for Procrastination

TikTok influencer Maddie Cleary shares why people tend not to take action for the things they need to do.

Procrastination is one thing that can be seen in each of us. However, it can be risky if it gets serious. So, it is crucial to identify the cause and start taking action.

In this video, Maddie Cleary shares why most people are procrastinators.

Here are the things shared by Maddie:

  • You are not taking action because you have created so much negative momentum around that particular thing.

  • You become overwhelmed just by its thought and don’t even want to look at it.

  • Everything that we see around us exists in our 3D physical reality.

  • If you want to write, you want to start an art studio; you want to open one day, exist in a field of infinite potential energy. That means you want to be acted and brought into physical reality.

  • You want to build up the positive momentum, and it can be done by setting a timer for 25 minutes and doing a brain dump of everything you need to do to accomplish the task.

  • Now start with one thing at a time.

Getting into action can sometimes take more time than usual. But in the end, it will be all worth the effort.

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