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Top Fear of Flying Help App SkyGuru Announces API Platform

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SAN JOSE, CA, July 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aerophobia, or the fear of flying, is one of the most common fears estimated 40% by US adults. About one in three has some degree of fear of flying. As post-pandemic demand for air travel continues to rise, SkyGurua leading mobile app helping people with a fear of flying has announced the availability of its API (Application Programming Interface) platform for third-party integration.

Often referred to by fans as the “pilot in your pocket”, SkyGuru is a popular mobile app that makes passengers feel in control by providing real-time explanations of the different phases of their flight and what they are experiencing .

The state-of-the-art app uses professional aviation data as well as the sensors in the user’s mobile phone to measure the aircraft’s movements and provide helpful real-time commentary on what’s happening.

In addition, SkyGuru provides users with pre-flight help, real-time turbulence forecasts, weather information, and soothing advice on any noise or sensation that people afraid of flying might find alarming. Most importantly, all necessary functions of the app work in airplane mode!

SkyGuru was developed by Alex Gervash, an Israeli pilot and psychologist with over 22 years of flying experience. Gervash is also one of only 150 people worldwide to be qualified in both of these fields. This unique double specialization and experience in treating people with aerophobia has allowed Gervash to develop the popular app.

“In my practice as a psychologist, I have found that one of the main causes of fear of flying is a lack of information,” says Alex Gervash, founder and CEO of SkyGuru. “When you know and understand exactly what’s going on on the plane during your flight, you feel like you’re in control, and that’s what it takes to reduce most people’s anxiety.”

Since its release…

Read on GNW: Top Fear of Flying Help App SkyGuru Announces API Platform

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