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CARLSBAD, CA, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Colorescience®, a leading dermatologist-recommended skincare and cosmetic specialty company, announces results published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, open label To evaluate the effectiveness and tolerability of a skin care regimen for treating patients with visible and physical Symptoms of sensitive skin. The 12-week open-label clinical study evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of Colorescience All Calm® Sensitive Skin topical facial treatment for treating individuals with facial redness and sensitive skin.

dr Ellen O. Turner, board-certified dermatologist in the dermatological practice of Dr. Ellen Turner of Dallas, TX, and Principal Investigator of the study, shared, “A non-steroidal topical solution to treat sensitive skin is important to me and my patients. As the principal investigator of this study, I was able to evaluate and observe the impressive results of the All Calm® Sensitive Skin regimen. I am very pleased to be able to offer these safe and effective products to my patients.”

The 12-week study consisted of two groups of subjects. Group A subjects had not used professional topical skin care products, practice-based treatments, or prescription products to treat their sensitive skin. Group B subjects were actively receiving treatment with professional topical skin care or prescription products. This is an important study design as it represents the two types of patients wanting to treat facial redness and sensitive skin.

The results of the clinical study showed that the mean total redness scale score improved by 25% at week 12, with results visible as early as two months. At the end of the study, more than 50% of subjects experienced significant global improvement. At week 12, all subjects agreed or strongly agreed that their facial redness was less noticeable, their skin appeared less inflamed, their general complexion improved, and their skin looked and felt healthier. 100% of subjects…


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