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erthos Revolutionizes Plastics

The world produces nearly 400 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, making plastic pollution one of today’s most pressing environmental issues.

Orlando, FL, 05/31/2022 / Infinity PR /

The world produces nearly 400 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, making plastic pollution one of today’s most pressing environmental issues. A substantial amount of that refuse comes from products only used once.

Eco-entrepreneur and CEO Nuha Siddiqui co-founded erthos to develop plant-powered alternatives to single-use plastics. The company is revolutionizing the plastics industry by creating compostable solutions as alternatives to traditional plastics that harm the environment, helping create a truly circular economy on the industrial scale.

Establishing a higher industry standard

While a student at the University of Toronto, Siddiqui partnered with classmates to find an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional packing peanut. Although these pieces of styrofoam may seem small, they can take over 500 years to decompose in a landfill. In addition, their lightweight and hard-to-contain nature make them an especially troublesome pollutant.

This class project inspired Siddiqui to launch her own startup, a company that later became erthos. Upon graduation, she dedicated herself to the company full time and attracted funding, providing erthos with the opportunity to set its sights even higher.

Recently, they partnered with AB Inbev, which brews Budweiser, Corona, Modelo, and more, as part of the corporation’s 100+ Sustainability Accelerator program. AB Inbev selected erthos to develop a sustainable alternative to the single-use plastic keg cap — another small piece that contributes to the total amount of plastic waste generated each year.

The company plans to expand into a wide range of fields — from fashion to personal care — and currently seeks new partners to join them in realizing a world free of plastic pollution. Toward this end, erthos recently released a video explaining the importance of holding materials to a higher standard, the erthos standard, which prioritizes better materials to protect what matters most — our planet.

Creating compatible, sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics

“Getting the world to accept an alternative to something that has become a fundamental part of our daily lives is a challenge indeed,” Siddiqui said.

But it’s a challenge Siddiqui and her team have stepped up to meet. erthos’ solutions are creating a movement for sustainable materials that are functional and scalable for brands and manufacturers globally.

The company’s plant-powered materials constitute a 1-for-1 alternative for existing plastic inputs that are entirely compatible with existing industrial infrastructure and supply chains. “Since manufacturers do not need to change how they produce their products, they can adopt our sustainable materials seamlessly and easily,” Siddiqui explained.

The purpose behind erthos’ novel biobased materials is twofold: First, to ensure their products’ compatibility with the local ecosystem; and second, to reduce the overall environmental footprint of traditional plastics.

Manufacturing single-use plastics consumes large amounts of energy and water, while emitting greater quantities of carbon dioxide gas. In contrast, erthos employs a much more environmentally-friendly process to make its resins. erthos’ production incorporates an entirely clean manufacturing process to develop and deploy materials that result in less energy, carbon dioxide emissions, and water consumption throughout its full life cycle without releasing toxins into the environment.

Investing in the next generation of sustainable materials

While the green revolution will not happen overnight, success seems assured with innovators like Nuha Siddiqui and her team at erthos leading the charge. Their platform for better materials has the potential to tackle our world’s plastic crisis in the long run.

Source: WhiteLabelCompany

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