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American Rapper The OG Arabian Prince Talks About MdDao the World’s First Medical-Based Metaverse – On The Subject Matter Experts Podcast By Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman Podcast interview covers MdDAO, World’s First Medical Metaverse for Better and Healthier Human Beings

The podcast host Qamar Zaman interviews OG Arabian Prince, a former member of N.W.A and the founder of MdDAO, the first true Metaverse for medical professionals and patients to come together.

Arabian Prince Podcast

In a recent subject matter podcast, the Host Qamar Zaman interviewed the founder of MdDAO, the rapper and tech geek Arabian Prince. MdDAO will be the world’s first medical Metaverse where health professionals can come together. MdDAO will include doctors and nurses, health and wellness, and other enthusiasts from all walks of life to discuss the healthy growth of their entities and businesses in this Metaverse.

The recent boom and interest in Metaverse are like the land grab rush of 1889 or the initial days of hip hop where everyone wanted in but was still figuring things out. The word Metaverse and what it means may be recent, but it is just a spin of words for many gamers who already have been spending on and entertaining themselves with Massively Multiplayer Online games like World of Warcraft or Ultima Online. Arabian Prince wants to build something similar for those who want to lead healthy lives and those who can provide for them.

Listen to the full story of what MdDAO is about, the latest medical Metaverse project Arabian Prince is working on your favorite podcast channel.

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About MdDAO, World’s First Medical Metaverse for Better and Healthier Human Beings

Arabian Prince will build the latest project as a partnership with consumers, healthcare professionals, health and wellness providers, and technologists and bring them all together in the Metaverse. The Metaverse will be initially catering to 3 critical verticals. Doctors and health care professionals in the 1st vertical will have to pay a membership fee to be a part of this. The 2nd vertical will be anything alternative in medicine like health, wellness, and other medical fitness forms like smoothies making, sports medicine, and even CBD and THC usage shops. The 3rd vertical will be regular people and patients who want to live a better life. These three verticals combined will not just be about making money but building healthier human beings.

The following are some of the highlights of the interview:

· Who is the Arabian prince, and how come he is involved in Metaverse?

· What is MdDAO, the world’s first medical Metaverse, and who is it for?

· Who can access and join MdDAO?

· How will the MdDAO metaverse help regular people and medical professionals interact?

For more information listen here:

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About Arabian Prince

Mr. Arabian Prince is a famous rapper who can produce, sing, and even record and write his songs. Most people know him for his fantastic rap songs and founding member of NWA, the 80s rap group; very few know him for his tech skills and love of bridging a gap between health communities for those who still don’t have access to it. Continuing his work for the community, Arabian Prince has founded a company called MdDao, a company changing the future of healthcare. MdDAO presents a first-of-its-kind opportunity to join a global community coming together to create the world’s first medical Metaverse. Metaverse is built on Web 3.0, blockchain, NFT, and health tokens.



About Qamar Zaman – Host of Subject Matter Expert Podcast

Qamar Zaman is a subject matter expert podcast host who interviews other experts around the world on his show.

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Ana Khan – [email protected]

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