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How do companies use color psychology?

Each color has its unique properties and can be used to convey a wide range of feelings and emotions

Any color that we see around us affects us mentally on a psychological level. At a mental level, it makes some sense and conveys a message that our brain is able to analyze. If we see red, then we may automatically assume that there may be danger ahead, while the green color signifies safety and is used in traffic lights to tell the people on the road that they can now cross the road. But there is also a hidden meaning behind each color that is often not commonly known.

One may ask how will the knowledge of the meaning of colors benefit him or her or how such knowledge can be used. You can use this knowledge of color psychology during a company branding exercise, while designing a website, or if you have undertaken an interior design project for your home or office. Knowledge of color psychology can help you greatly in all the above-mentioned activities and has been successfully used by numerous businesses to design their corporate identities. If you develop an understanding of color science, then you can use this knowledge to convey various things to a target audience using just colors.

Now let’s discuss the effects of some colors. We will start with primary colors and will discuss the color red first. Red is used to signify fear, danger, love, heart, blood. Red also has the longest wavelength and can be easily visible from great distances. Red can be used in a branding scheme if you want to display love, affection, care, and anger. Red is considered by many to be a masculine color and you can use it if your brand represents something masculine.

The next color on our list is blue. Blue is associated with intellectual things and is often used by brands that represent intellectual things and is also preferred by innovative businesses. Blue also signifies trust and a brand designed with blue color will convey trust to your customers, employees, and business partners. Blue also represents coolness and is an ideal color if you want to convey your brand as cool.

The next color on our list is yellow. Yellow represents emotions, optimism, positivity. As the color of the sun, yellow also symbolizes creativity, life, and vitality. It’s also used for representing anxiety, and depression. So, yellow has both positive and negative aspects as it can be used to convey a wide range of emotions.

Now we have the green color that is often considered the most balanced color. Our eyes perceive green as a soothing color and it’s also the color of nature as most plants, shrubs, grass, and weeds are of green color. Due to its association with nature, green is often used by brands to symbolize their connection with nature. Green is also considered a color of peace and can be used to symbolize peaceful coexistence with nature.

Purple color has long been associated with royalty and carries luxurious connotations to this day. So, if you want to set your brand in its unique league, and convey a luxurious feel, then you can very well select purple for your logo or branding.

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