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How Marine Corps Veteran Johnny Kidwell Achieved His Financial Goals and Helps Other Veterans Do the Same

Johnny ‘the Credit Guy’ Kidwell happens to be one of them who, over the years, not only managed to achieve his financial goals but helped other ex-marine members do the same.

Johnny ‘the Credit Guy’ Kidwell happens to be one of them who, over the years, not only managed to achieve his financial goals but helped other ex-marine members do the same.

Las Vegas, NV, 01/10/2022 / Tansocial /

How Marine Corps Veteran Johnny ‘the Credit Guy’ Kidwell Achieved His Financial Goals and Helps Other Veterans Do the Same by Teaching Credit Repair

One thing nobody likes is the struggles of debts and extreme credit overload. While spending on credit is fun on the spot, the fact that you have to pay that particular amount later comes as a burden to many. Hence, Financial Literacy and how to manage your credit score is important, and no one teaches this better than Johnny ‘the Credit Guy’ Kidwell.

Why Johnny got this name has a back story, and we are sure if you have landed here, you will love to know it and how he helped his struggling veterans too.

About Johnny Kidwell:

Johnny Kidwell is known as the ‘credit guy’ for his great tactics and big heart to help those struggling with financial debt. Johnny served within the marine services for about six years, and when he got out, he needed a new means of financial income. He soon opted for real estate work, which proved to be quite in his favor.

However, one thing the business grad and ex-marine worker realized in between his estate agency work was how less literacy there was around finance and how military men of service struggled to maintain their credits.

Eventually, he started giving out advice and help by maintaining their credit repairs. While initially, he did this for free, since January 2021, Johnny has converted credit repair into his full-fledged business and since then has been helping those in need of financial advice or credit repair. The fact that he started helping out people for free shows how generous the guy is.

What Johnny believes about Financial Literacy and Credit Repair:

All of us might agree on the fact that this world runs on money. There is nothing that overrules this statement. Hence, knowing how to earn and manage money is of extreme importance.

Johnny believes that despite whatever profession you are from, people should have basic financial knowledge, and know how to manage their money. Moreover, managing a good credit score, and in certain cases, how to self-do a credit repair should be understood as well.

· Stick to a Budget:

No matter how much you earn, one basic financial advice that is the most important is sticking to a budget. Budgeting helps you decide and manage your monthly expenses, how much extra you can spend, and what you have to save.

It makes you realize that where the money is going and is one tactic that should be followed regarding financial literacy.

· Clear Your Credit Card Bill:

No one is stopping you from using your credit card for various purposes. However, what should be remembered is that while you are spending your credit, there is a bill accumulating along with it that needs to be paid. Hence, spend your credits with an open mind and pay the bill before it gets out of hand or becomes really heavy on the pocket. This will save you from a lot of financial stress.

· Try to Steer Clear of Your Credit Card Boundaries:

You may have some big credit score numbers; however, it also has a limit. One way you can maintain your credit score and avoid credit repair is by steering clear of your credit boundary. Spend on your credit, but don’t spend much that it starts border lining your limit. This doesn’t look good on your score and also payback on time.

Source: Tan social PR

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