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DJ GQ’s Music, A Freeing Feeling

“Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” ― Confucius.

Treharris, UK, 11/22/2021 / WispySeo /

Dancing to the rhythm and getting lost in a trance-like state, music lovers know what magical feeling music creates. Many people describe music as a drug and associate it with an emotion that they can feel intensely. While music is not actually a drug, science explains that it can trigger certain neurochemical systems and brain structures, directly affecting mood and emotions. Given how important music is to people across the world, it falls on the music artists to produce tracks that do justice to this artistic mode of expression. There is no denying there; creating powerful music is, indeed, an art. Making listeners feel the same emotions and relate to strongly strung lyrics is not something every music artist can do. Thoughtful lyrics, powerful lyrics, enchanting melodies come together to create a track that impresses the listeners worldwide. Only the greatest artists and music producers can bless the world with powerful blends and melodies, and Gary Hardie is one of those individuals. Being the recipient of the “DJ Of The Year” award at the Film, Recording, and Entertainment Council (FREC) Awards, Gary is ready to revolutionize the world of music.

Although music is an artistic medium of expression known as the ‘true form of magic,’ Hardie acts as a true magician, igniting that beautiful feeling in an individual. Born on August 10, 1978, the 43-year-old DJ is making strides in the music world with his signature hip-hop, reggae, and EDM music. Gary’s music is so intense and empowering that he is known as the ‘King of Clubs’ in South Florida and has performed for over 40,000 people at the DUB car show in LA.

With over fifteen years of experience in the music industry, the aspiring Hardie has worked with several renowned artists such as Kevin Lyttle, DMX, Trina, Rick Ross Akon, and many more. Some of the notable highlights in his life include the multiple nominations in the Global Spin and South Entertainment Awards. His multi-cultural music has made it to the top in the US Current Reggae Albums Chart. His groundbreaking signature blends diversify the music culture with sick beats, and his four-track debut EP, ‘Is It You?’ happens to be one of those.

Life is full of surprises, and Hadie’s life can indeed serve as an example of that. Growing up in South Florida, Gary Hardie had no idea that he would be electrifying the crowd with these original blends. Music can sometimes make people realize their true potential, and that’s exactly what it did for this DJ. While Gary was always passionate about good music, he never thought he would make a career out of it in the future. Listening to good music and feeling a solid connection empowered him to the point that he felt calling out to him, and it was in Jamaica when that pull towards music became strong and stronger. He says, “My Cousin. When I was a Jit, I used to get him Dubplates (personalized songs) in Jamaica from the biggest artists; from then, I wanted to get more involved!

Every musician’s journey starts somewhere, and Jamaica was a breaking point for the King’s music career. It was an honor for Gary to perform for the Silver Hawk in Norbook. As Gary became more and more passionate about music, he also started taking inspiration from several artists that made him fall in love with Djing. Gary states that Stone Love and Kid Capri just ignited something in him with their music. He also realized that their music was unique and magical to the point that it made him want to leave everything and dance to the beats.

Gary Hardie, the DJ is ready to revolutionize the music industry. It is dedicated musicians such as Gary who have the power to transcend people to another world. Gary is a true blessing for any music enthusiast with sick beats and music that makes one’s bone shiver with its power. Referred to as the ‘pioneer of reggae and hip-hop blends,’ Hardie’s fans are aware of his effect on their soul. Every night, people in Miami hit the club together, ready to feed their soul with Gary’s electrifying music.

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