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Google Becomes Eco-Friendly – Google is updating Maps, Search, and Other Products with an eye on emissions

Tech Giant launches a suite of changes aimed to make its services more eco-friendly

Dallas, TX, United States, 10/24/2021 / Top Wire News /

Google announced a new suite of changes to its core services and products that will help consumers make sustainable choices more easily.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and it’s parent company Alphabet Inc said in a prerecorded video message “Today, climate change is more than a threat, it is a real and present danger. From wildfires to flooding to more frequent and severe storms, climate change is the most profound risk we face, one that affects our health, our economies and our future together on this planet.”

Google has long been considered a corporate leader in Sustainability. It was among the first companies to become carbon neutral in 2007, meaning that it has purchased carbon offsets to balance all of its carbon emissions since then, and the tech giant has since then pledged to run on carbon-free energy by 2030.

Or in the words of Pichai “That means every question you ask Google, every email you send, every YouTube video you watch will be delivered without emitting any carbon into the air,”. He further adds “We think of this as a moonshot” — a long-term bet that could have a big impact.”

“With this new suite of product updates, Google hopes to make sustainability an easier choice,” said Pichai. Here are some of the changes introduced by Google. Some of the changes have been rolled out on Wednesday, October 6 while others will be available further down the road.

Google Maps: Routes that use less gas

From now onwards, Google Maps will default to the most eco-friendly route when the time required for making the trip is roughly the same without taking carbon emissions into account. This product update was initially announced in March and will take effect in the United States starting Wednesday and will be rolled out in Europe in 2022.

Google Maps calculates fuel usage after taking into account road incline, traffic predictions, and traffic congestion. Google has partnered with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab for making these routing recommendations, says Sarah-Jayne Williams, a director for Google Maps.

Google Travel: Carbon emissions with flight info

Google will also display the carbon emissions associated with a flight in the search results, says Stephanie Horton, director of marketing for Google Commerce. This feature will launch globally for every flight on Wednesday, October 6. “We’re putting these numbers in context by labeling flights that have significantly higher emissions and adding a green badge to flights with significantly lower emissions,” Horton said in a prerecorded video.

Horton further added that carbon emissions will take into account the type of aircraft and will be seat-specific as business class and first-class seats result in more emissions because they take up more space. Google will rely on fuel usage data from American Airlines and Lufthansa to help validate its emissions info.


Google is updating Maps, Search and other products to help consumers save energy and reduce emissions

Google is updating Maps, Search and other products to help consumers save energy and reduce emissions


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