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Python Top Programming Language Says Python Data Expert Qamar Zaman

Python is Becoming Become Top Programming Language Says Data Expert Qamar Zaman

Dallas, TX, United States, 09/16/2021 / News Bureau /

C and Java are the only other languages that have reached the top of the list, but Python is on the cusp of being the most popular one. Java and C have been losing ground to Python on the 20-year-old Tiobe index, and recently Python knocked Java out of second place to compete with C.

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As a software testing business, Tiobe determines its ranks based on prominent websites and search engines’ queries for programming languages. When it comes to programming languages, for example, the electrical engineering journal IEEE Spectrum has placed Python as the most popular language since at least 2020. It’s followed by Java, C, and JavaScript.

For many programmers, C, a 1970s-era language with direct hardware access, continues to be a favorite because of its basic nature, but it is also vulnerable to memory-related security flaws.

“Python has never been so close to the number 1 position of the TIOBE index,” CEO of Tiobe software, Paul Jansen, states. “It only needs to bridge 0.16% to surpass C. This might happen any time now. If Python becomes number 1, a new milestone has been reached in the TIOBE index. Only 2 other languages have ever been leading the pack so far, i.e., C and Java.”

For machine learning, Python is a great hit, but not for mobile app development or web apps, nor for devices that are designed to be used with smartphones and tablets. It’s also a bit sluggish, as well. In a recent interview, Guido van Rossum, Python’s creator, and a Microsoft employee, admitted that Python uses too much memory and energy. In order to double Python’s performance, he’s been working on a number of projects.

“The people who have managed to cross-compile CPython to run on an Android tablet or even on iOS, they find that it eats up a lot of resources,” van Rossum stated in a PyCon conference. “Compared to what the mobile operating systems expect, Python is big and slow. It uses a lot of battery charge, so if you’re coding in Python, you would probably very quickly run down your battery and quickly run out of memory,” he added.

CPython, the open-source implementation of Python on which other versions of Python are based, was recently the subject of a Developer in Residence (DIR) established by the Python Software Foundation.

Source: Submit123News

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