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Everblade Knife – New Kitchen Knife launched

Everblade knife is a kitchen knife. The material from which it is made is German steel. The knife comes with a knife holder that sharpens it every time the kitchen knife is put in and taken out.

New York, NY , 08/16/2021 / Mike Vaughn /

What is Everblade Knife?

Everblade knife is a kitchen knife. On the one hand, the material from which it is made – German steel – should contribute to an unparalleled longevity of the edge. On the other hand, the Everblade knife comes with a knife holder that sharpens it every time the kitchen knife is put in and taken out. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

The supplier presents numerous examples of use on its website to show how sharp and stable the Everblade knife is. For example, baguettes and salami streaked with fat are said to be sliced with just one cut, and onions and tomatoes are said to be sliced incredibly thinly. Even the skin of melon is said to be very easy to cut through. These examples of use of the Everblade knife also show that it is a universal kitchen knife that can be used for almost all cutting work in the kitchen. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Everblade knife quality

The vendor does not specify any cachets on its website that indicate the quality of the kitchen knife. If you trust the information provided by the vendor, the Everblade knife is made of German steel, which is supposed to provide extra stability and not rust. In addition, the material (German steel) is supposed to keep the blade sharp longer.

General Everblade Knife Customer Reviews

A number of ratings and reviews have been published on the vendor’s website. For the most part, the reviewers give very positive ratings with predominantly five out of five stars. In their reviews, they report a sharp blade (German steel) that cuts any food well. They particularly emphasize that the blade is always sharp thanks to the knife holder. They also say that the Everblade knife is well balanced and suitable for both delicate and rough cutting work. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!

General information about kitchen knives

The last thing that should be missing in a kitchen are, of course, knives. They come in many different varieties and differ in terms of size, blade (German steel, stainless steel, etc.) and field of application. Therefore, it is no wonder that almost every German household has not just one, but many different kitchen knives that are used in different cooking situations. Basically, it is necessary to distinguish between the different measurements for the various areas of application. Thus, the most important knives in almost every household:

  • Chef’s knives are mostly universal kitchen knives with a blade sharpened on both sides, used for cutting, slicing and chopping vegetables, herbs, fish and meat.
  • Bread knives are characterized by their long blade and coarse serrated edge. The grind ensures that the slices of bread do not “flake out” when cut.
  • Vegetable knives, as the name suggests, are suitable for cutting vegetables, but also fruit. They have a curved back with a straight blade.
  • Economy peelers are also used for processing fruits and vegetables – more precisely for peeling. The blade is movable and thus adapts to the food.
  • Carving knives are visually identifiable by their long, narrow blade. The back of the blade is bidden and tapers towards the front. Used mainly for carving large pieces of meat.

Also not missing, of course, a cleaver and a filleting knife, if meat and fish are often on the table. All these different knives have quite a justification – and there are some more:

  • Santoku knives are used for cutting and chopping vegetables and occasionally meat and fish. Japanese knives have a wide blade with a length of up to 19 centimeters.
  • Slicing knives are used for slicing and cutting meat, ham and roasts, as well as pies. They have a smooth edge that provides an equally straight and smooth cut.
  • Boning knives are used to skin meat and remove bones. This is aided by the narrow, tapered blade whose underside is curved.
  • Chiseling knife allows carving and decorating vegetables and fruits. This is helped by the blade, which has an opening in the middle and the cutting edge is particularly prominent.
  • Larding knives with a narrow, tapered blade are designed to make deep cuts to help tear meat fibers.
  • Tournier knives are used to peel fruits and vegetables, as well as to cut and decorate food. This is made possible by the pointed, curved blade.
  • Variegated knives are used to decorate fruits and vegetables with fluted or wavy cuts.

— Visit the supplier website here! —

Other kitchen knives are also known, but are used less frequently in the home kitchen. In kitchens with special tasks, such as in the pastry shop, in the restaurant or behind the refrigerated counter, however, it is almost impossible to work without them:

  • Cake knives are used for portioning cakes, pies and other foods of similar consistency. They can also be used for serving.
  • Cheese knives are used for cutting soft cheeses. This is made possible by the holes on the blade, which prevent the cheese from sticking to the knife. Serrations on the tip of the knife allow the cheese to be served.
  • Hard cheese knives have a very sharp blade that is ideal for cutting pieces of coarser or harder cheeses. The pointed blade also makes it possible to break out pieces.
  • Ham knives with a narrow comparatively long blade are used for slicing ham and often for cutting meat into extra thin slices.
  • Salmon knives are also long and narrow. The tip of the knife is rounded and the pliability of the blade makes the knife ideal for working on salmon.
  • Mushroom knives are usually retractable. The blade is crescent-shaped and short. A brush is also often present, so the knife is suitable not only for loosening the mushrooms, but also for cleaning.

In addition, there are several other types of knives that are well worth getting to know. Interesting types of knives are, for example, the Japanese knives, which have only gained real popularity in Europe in recent years.

But not only the kitchen knife used is crucial for a good result. The execution of the cutting work also has a major influence. Thus, it is fundamentally important to guide the knife with the right pressure and the appropriate movement for the knife. A distinction is usually made between the following four basic techniques:

  • Filleting is used to loosen pieces of fillet. This type of cutting technique is usually used for meat and fish. However, it is also suitable for vegetables and fruit.
  • Cradle cut is the classic cutting motion for slicing food. Here, the right pressure combines with the cutting motion to create the cradle cut. The hand with which the knife is held takes over the guidance of the knife. Normally, in the cradle cut, the knuckles point towards the knife.
  • Chopping is performed as a kind of percussive motion. The food is cut in this way. Normally, this basic technique is performed with chopping knives.
  • Paring is used to remove parts of meat that should not be processed. Thus, this cutting technique removes vision, skin and fat.

Besides the Everblade knife, there is probably hardly any other model that has a sharpening stone included in the knife block. Consequently, other knives must be sharpened manually. In principle, sharp knives not only ensure significantly better results when processing meat, fish, vegetables, fruit and other foods, but also reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

It is also important to remember the proper storage of high-quality kitchen knives. The best way to store your knives is in a knife compartment, a knife block or on a magnetic bar for knives. Ideally, the knives should not get wet and the ambient air should also be dry. They should always be washed by hand and not in the dishwasher. The heat as well as the force of the water jet can deform the handle and ensure a dull blade in the long run – despite the use of grinders.

— Visit the supplier website here! —

General kitchen knife uses

The Everblade knife is first and foremost a kitchen knife, of course, and as such it is mainly used in the kitchen. German steel can be used as a knife material for cutting solid vegetables, raw and roasted meat, soft foods such as tomatoes and berries, as well as all other types of fresh foods, some of which are difficult to cut. It is basically suitable for all kitchens where cooking is done regularly. It also replaces almost all other knives commonly used in cooking. Of course, it may be useful to have one or two other knives for special cutting tasks – but the Everblade knife should be suitable for all cutting tasks in most cases. The Everblade knife is not suitable for camping and all other situations where a knife is necessary but not used for cutting food.

Known FAQ about this product

Q: What gives the Everblade knife its unique cutting edge?

A: German steel as well as the ceramic sharpener built into the knife holder are said to contribute not only to the durability but also to the good cutting performance of the knife.

Q: How sharp is the Everblade knife?

A: According to the supplier, the Everblade knife is so sharp that it is capable of cutting a pineapple in half in mid-air.

Q: How careful should I be with such a sharp kitchen knife?

A: Of course, you have to be careful that your fingers and hands don’t get under the blade (German steel). If you drop the Everbalde knife, you should not try to catch it. However, it is often the blunt knives that cause accidents when cooking, as they can slip off more quickly. Therefore, when used properly, it can be assumed that the use of the sharp Everblade knife is no more dangerous than the use of other knives.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Everblade knife?

A: Although the vendor feels that there can be little reason for you to want to return the Everblade knife, they do offer a 60-day money back guarantee. However, be sure to pay attention to the vendor’s return policy here.

Q: Why is the Everblade knife such a good deal?

A: Because the kitchen knife can replace any other type of knife in cooking, according to the supplier, you can save a lot of money by buying it. In addition, according to the provider, kitchen knives of this quality would usually cost several hundred euros. Furthermore, you currently get a 50 percent discount on the purchase.

— Visit the supplier website here! —

Where can I buy Everblade knives?

If you want to buy the universal kitchen knife made of German steel and also get the sharpening knife block, you should take a look at the website of the official supplier. Here you can currently get at least 50% discount on every purchase. If you buy several Everblade knives – for example, to give them as a gift – you’ll get even bigger discounts:

  • 1 Everbalde knife: 50 percent
  • 2 Everblade knives: 50 percent
  • 3 Everblade knives: around 60 percent
  • 4 Everblade knives: around 62 percent

If you know how many Everblade knives you want to buy, select the desired order quantity. Then you can choose whether you want to pay via PayPal or credit card. In the following, the provider needs your email address, your first and last name, your phone number and your address to process your order. In the next step, you will be given the option of prioritizing the processing of your order for a certain surcharge. Now you will be shown the total costs to be paid. If you agree, you can complete the order process by clicking on “Complete Secure Purchase”. Visit the supplier website here to find a discounted price!

Everblade knife technical facts

  • Cutting edge: German steel
  • Knife block with integrated knife sharpener
  • Convex Edge Design for extra fast cutting
  • suitable for almost all foods
  • replaces almost all knives in the kitchen
  • durable

Everblade Knife Recommendation

Looking at the technical facts and the reviews that customers have given to the Everblade knife, this is an interesting kitchen knife that can actually be used in the kitchen in many ways. German steel is said to provide extra stability, durability and cutting power, while the knife block with integrated knife sharpener is said to ensure that you always have an absolutely sharp knife at hand. The functionality of the knife is confirmed by the reviewers. They are enthusiastic about the Everblade knife and, according to their own statements, use it very often in the kitchen. Whether the Everblade knife can actually replace all other kitchen knives cannot be said clearly. Depending on the individual situation, it is quite conceivable that one or two other knives will be used for cutting food in addition to the Everblade knife. So far, there are no seals or certificates that indicate the quality of the product – interested buyers have to rely on the information provided by the supplier. Visit the supplier website to see more customer reviews!

Info about the product supplier

Ontel Products Corporation

21 Law Drive

Fairfield, NJ 07004



Phone: 888 976-2283 (United States)

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