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The 5 Best Essay Writing Services Available Online: Essay Writing Site Reviews and Comparisons

Experts at Stressays have prepared the list of the best online essay writing companies available today. The list is based on more than 3000+ student reviews and rankings.

Experts at Stressays have prepared the list of the best online essay writing companies available today. The list is based on more than 3000+ student reviews and rankings.

The hassle of juggling essays, assignments, research papers, and other academic or extracurricular activities can be quite a lot for you as a student.

The requirements of such papers and how directly they affect your grades make it imperative that you invest a large chunk of your time in research and writing.

Fortunately, with the aid of trustworthy writing companies, you do not need to lose your sleep about this anymore. Experts at Stressays have prepared the list of the best online essay writing companies available today. The list is based on more than 3000+ student reviews and rankings.

How These Services Were Evaluated

Essay writing service companies were evaluated and ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Quality. A reliable writing company must hire English Native Speakers (ENL) with college degrees to write papers for students. These writers should have a good command of grammar, lexicon, and punctuation.

  • Turnaround Time. Some essay writing companies offer a turnaround time of 3 hours. This enables you to receive a well-written paper right before the class begins.

  • Customer Support. A good writing site should have reliable customer support, so that you can contact a customer support representative at any time. This is especially helpful if you need urgent help or want to get an immediate update on the progress of your paper.

  • Price. Using a cheap essay writing service may result in getting low-quality work (or even a plagiarized paper), that you won’t be able to hand in. A fairly priced essay writing company will be able to deliver a well-researched paper that will earn you a good grade.

The Top 5 Essay Writing Services in 2020-2021

So what are the six best essay writing websites for students? Here they are.

Paper Help is truly the best online writing service, because it guarantees original content and quick delivery at an affordable price. This company has a team of over 1000 seasoned essay writers who write academic papers for students from all over the world.

To date, Paper Help has already helped more than 105 000 customers to hand in their essays on time. The company claims to have delivered more than 600 000 academic papers. Professional essay writers can even whip up an essay or a presentation on the most technical subjects.

When it comes to quality, Paper Help guarantees the finest output out there. Most Reddit users guarantee that it’s unlikely that you’ll be needing additional revisions. Otherwise, writers can easily be contacted through phone, email, or online chat.

“I often don’t have enough time for my writing assignments because I also have a job. Writing services are my only solution, so I was really happy when I found this company. These guys always deliver my papers on time, everything is properly researched and formatted. The prices are also low, which is great if you order papers frequently.” — Robin, University of Portland

Speedy Paper is among the most reliable writing services that guarantee original content. They take care of academic papers from the high school level up to your graduate studies.

Another reason why students like Speedy Paper is because of their student-friendly prices and services. You can choose between free add-ons such as plagiarism checks, formatting, and unlimited revisions.

Speedy Paper guarantees delivery within six hours. Aside from that, this service provides original and in-depth writing on even the most technical and complex topics. An essay editor is also available to copy-edit and polish your essay, research paper or dissertation of any length.

“Finally, I found a good writing service! The writers are absolutely amazing. I’ve already ordered a few essays and a research paper, and I will keep working with these guys. All papers are amazing, and so are my grades. If you need really good quality, look no further.” — Mark, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

This writing service is quite different from others. When you place an order, writers who are familiar with your topic place their bids so you can choose a writer with the lowest price or the highest rating. You can also see how many orders were completed by a particular writer. 

Besides, you can communicate with your writer directly during the writing process. An essay costs from $11.7 so this is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable college paper writing service. This is also a great choice if you have urgent orders: this service will deliver your papers even if you need them in six hours. All papers are double-checked for plagiarism.

Essay Pro writes essays for high school, college, undergraduate, and Ph.D. levels.

“I ordered a dissertation here because I didn’t have enough time. Because of my job, I needed someone to help me with research and writing, and my writer did an amazing job. I also got an outline for free, and it’s a great thing because I could quickly read the key points and understand what this paper is about.” — Jennifer, Columbia University

99 Papers is one of the among the cheapest essay writing services in the US. The service guarantees original works by a group of professional writers. They can work on a wide range of topics, varying from the most basic high school lab reports and short essays to Ph.D. academic papers.

If you’d like a little bit of control over your essay, 99papers has the unique feature of allowing clients to coordinate directly with the writer. All privacy concerns and anonymity are guaranteed, of course. Most of the essay writers at 99 Papers are ESL (English Second Language). Still, 99 Papers is very strict about who they hire to write academic papers, so you don’t have to worry about quality.

99 Papers is home to a battalion of talented and professional writers that can author a wide assortment of topics and academic papers, from the simplest high school essay to doctoral dissertations. This is a customized writing website that allows you to contact your writer directly.

“My term paper is just perfect! Thank you so much! I’ve also ordered a few essays and a research paper here, and I should say that these guys do their best every time. There are many writers who write about different topics, so it’s never a problem to find somebody who knows your topic well.” — Justin, University of Toronto

If you’re looking for the best writing service, you will probably choose a more expensive option. However, this service made it to our list for a good reason: it consistently provides decent papers at fair prices. In fact, the price is one of the lowest in the custom-writing niche.

A high school essay delivered in two weeks will cost you $9.11. Moreover, there are many discounts. For instance, if you use a 15% discount with your first order, the same research paper will only cost you $7.74. Besides, a money-back guarantee will help you make sure that you get exactly what you need. Essays are available in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Turabian/ Chicago formatting. This company is versatile enough to deliver anything from thesis proposals to argumentative essays and chemistry assignments.

“I’ve ordered a research paper here, and it was nice and neat. The writer did a good job, all references are well-formatted. I needed help with my order because I had to make some changes in the task, and the support team contacted the writer. The paper is nice, and it was really cheap.” — Lucy, University of Michigan

These essay services ease your workload by offering the best professional writing services for your essays and research papers at an affordable price and within the prescribed time. Of course, this time factor is one primary reason students use online paper writing services in the first place.

Not only do they free up time in your schedule to attend to other important business, but they also make sure to provide you with good value for your money, with customer satisfaction, and guarantee the top priorities of these services. Not to mention that you significantly improve and harness your writing abilities through them, a win-win for all parties.

Essay as an integral part of modern education

Essays are one of the most common types of homework given to students. Have you ever wondered why? If the answer doesn’t seem obvious to you, let’s dig deeper and find out how essay writing affects the learning process. 

First of all, it develops critical thinking as a student needs to reflect on an issue, find arguments, prove a particular point of view, and make conclusions. By doing all this, one can learn how to see things from different perspectives. 

Secondly, essay writing helps to assimilate new information. While researching the materials, one can expand knowledge and get a better understanding of a subject. This way, students can get deeper insights on a particular topic. 

This practice is also essential to improve communication skills. Through essay writing, one learns to express thoughts accurately and clearly. It’s a great way to improve vocabulary and understand how to share opinions in a more concise and comprehensible way. For sure, such competencies are essential in modern society. 

And last but not least, essay writing promotes curiosity. This task requires providing credible evidence to support a statement, so one needs to conduct thorough research. This is an exciting process that makes a learner engaged. After some time, this engagement can transform into a natural curiosity that becomes a part of the personality. 

Now that you know why essay writing is an essential element of the education process, you must understand the importance of completing such tasks. But what to do if you are not good enough at writing? In this case, you can manage your assignments with the help of essay writing companies. Read more about them below! 

Basic information about essay writing services 

Essay writing services are online platforms where anyone can order a paper according to particular requirements. Once you place an order, an essay writer takes it and completes your work within set timeframes. Most of these services have been already reviewed on the web, so you can easily choose a reliable one. 

Surprisingly enough, if you need to get your assignment done urgently, professionals can do it within 24 hours. So you shouldn’t worry about broken deadlines. Most essay writing companies are not only fast but also affordable. They handle college essays, admissions materials, dissertations, marketing plans, and more for high school, college, and university students. Typically, they complete writing tasks for a moderate price, so any student on a budget can order them. 

To get your assignment done, you need to place an order on the website mentioning the required type and style of writing. Additionally, point out formatting details as well as information about quotations and literature. 

Features of reliable essay writing services

If you have no idea how to find a trustworthy company that can successfully complete your orders, you should pay attention to the features characterizing a reliable agency that are described below. 

Cooperation between writers 

Positive customer experience can be ensured by a close-knit team of writers only. Excellent outcome is possible when people collaborate with each other while working towards a certain goal. They provide all types of essay help and can accomplish any type of project if they have effective communication and share their experience. Hence, to reduce your anxiety about the results you might get, do your best to find a company with a great team.

Reliable payment methods 

Since the fraud is extremely common on the web, you should be careful with any financial interactions you make. All writing services require customers to make a payment on their website, so you should check twice if it looks safe. Make sure that you are using a reputable service and providing credit card details to a company that won’t transit them to a third party. 

Reasonable prices 

Today, there is a wide range of companies that offer services for different prices. Some rates are really cheap but not good enough, while others are overpriced. You shouldn’t turn to any of them if you want to avoid troubles such as poor paper quality or wasted money. The best option would be to use a service with fair charges. Usually, professional writers don’t negotiate their rates, so you shouldn’t expect generous discounts. 

Urgent orders 

Students are often in a rush with their assignments. In most cases, they turn to an agency due to the lack of time for their homework. Therefore, credible companies are able to complete orders with tight deadlines. Note that if an agency can’t process your request within a day, it’s more likely to be unreliable.

Since there are lots of essay writing services on the market, finding the right one for your next assignment can be a little tricky. Cheap or free services can get you into a lot of trouble, so you need to make sure that your assignment is written by a professional. You should also make sure that you will receive a revised and original assignment that you can take the credit for.

Are Essay Writing Services Legit? 5 FAQs

There are certain risks associated with paying for an essay online that you should be aware of. These are the answers to the most common questions about writing companies that will give you all the necessary information.

Are essay writing services legal?

There aren’t any laws that prohibit academic writing businesses. Hence, you shouldn’t have doubts about ordering an assignment or dissertation from them. Legal experts argue that essay writing companies are completely consistent with the law. 

Even though the institutions in some countries, like the UK, forbid students to use such services, there is no national law that makes them illegal. In other words, top essay writing services do not break any regulations. 

Students shouldn’t have fear of punishment for paying someone to write a paper as there can’t be any negative consequences in terms of legality. Business owners or freelance writers also have the right to offer custom academic works for money without any unfavorable implications.

What do academic writing services do?

Essay writers who work for essay writing companies help students write essays and other academic papers according to their requirements and specifications.

For instance, Paper Help writing company serves as a one-stop solution to all your academic needs. This company has hundreds of seasoned experts who are willing to help you with any type of assignment, be it an essay on English literature, math assignment, or a lab report. Copywriting, cover letter, and resume writing services are available as well.

How do I pay for essay writing services?

Legitimate companies accept payments via PayPal and credit card payments in USD. However, there are a lot of companies that accept other currencies, such as CAD, GBP, AUD, and EUR. If you’re short on cash, some companies like Speedy Paper also accept partial payments.

Am I allowed to submit an essay as my own?

You should understand that custom written essays are sold as “model answers”. This means that such an essay can be used as a study or reference material. Essay companies don’t encourage you to hand in an essay as your own. While it’s not illegal, it’s certainly against the rules of your college.

Are professional essay writers native speakers of English?

Most companies employ both ENL and ESL writers, but you shouldn’t be skeptical about an ESL writer. They typically have a good grasp of English and brilliant knowledge of their field of study, so you will get a high-quality essay anyway, regardless of your writer’s country of origin.

Essay writing websites such as Paper Help allow you to choose either an ENL or ESL writer, so if you’re short on budget, you can safely go with an ESL writer.

School and college students are assigned multiple essays and research papers that show their understanding of a specific topic. However, most students have no time to finish all their tasks on time because they have to attend classes or lectures, sit for exams, and even have part-time jobs to pay for their expenses.

If you’re one of these students, you still have a chance to finish and submit all your essays and research papers on time. Essay companies hire professional writers and tutors who have experience with finishing academic assignments on time and in the desired quality. Once you submit your order, a professional author will do the research on your behalf and send you the assignment before the deadline.

When your academic future is at stake, you need to be careful. Before hiring an essay writing service, there are a few things that you need to know. Keep on reading to find out more about them. 

Choosing a reliable company can be a little tricky, especially if you have an approaching deadline. Here are a few things that you need to know before using an essay writing service. 

Cheap Services Should be Avoided

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a free essay? Unfortunately, cheap and free writing services will be a waste of time or effort. Even if you don’t have a lot of cash, you shouldn’t trust a writing service that promises to send you an assignment for free.

Some writing services offer free essays or research papers, so you can research the database and look for an appropriate assignment. However, in most cases, you’ll either have access to a low-quality assignment that doesn’t make any sense or even a copied assignment that was already used by someone else.

Your professor would probably turn down a bad assignment, or you might not receive adequate grades for it. When there are lots of grammar and spelling mistakes in your assignment, it will be difficult to read and your readers might not be able to understand the purpose of your task, or won’t be interested in reading it till the end.

A good writing company charges fees because the managers have to pay money for qualified writers to finish your academic task in the best quality. Moreover, writers use professional tools to check the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your essay or research paper to ensure that it’s written in the best quality. 

Reading Essay Writing Service Reviews is a Must Do

Although online reviews can tell you a lot about the quality of the service you’re hiring, some of these reviews aren’t trustworthy. Some companies hire people to write fake reviews, giving a false impression that this academic service is the best option out there to deceive unsuspecting customers. In reality, this service might hire less professional writers or non-native speakers who won’t be able to finish high-quality assignments in the desired quality.

In some cases, you might not receive your assignment at all or receive it after the deadline. As a result, you’ll have to hire someone else to finish your task or revise it yourself to improve its quality. It’s best to find reviews on a public forum or a trustworthy website, so you can get feedback from people who actually hired this writing service and received their tasks. 

Fake reviews are usually short and sound exaggerated.

People who write them usually make false and unrealistic claims. If you believe a review stating that you can hire someone to finish a 10-page assignment in one day, you will probably end up scammed. 

Essay Samples Matter

Good essay writing companies are eager to show their potential customers the kind of service they offer. This is why you should ask for writing samples before paying for a task to ensure that you will receive the assignment you need.

Samples will give you an idea about the author’s writing style, so you can rest assured that your task will be handled by a professional. You need to make sure that the writer is able to handle the topic of your assignment, so you can pick someone who taught this subject or finished similar assignments in the past. Some companies allow you to examine all the available writers’ profiles, so you can pick the one that you can fully trust.

You can also ask for a specific sample or talk to the writer about your desired writing style. This way, your professor or teacher won’t be able to detect that your assignment was written by someone else. 

Ask for Guarantees

Since you are leaving your assignment in someone’s hands, you want to make sure that he or she will do their job properly. Before paying for your order, it’s a good idea to ask about money-back guarantees. Is there a guarantee that you will get a partial or total refund if your assignment was delivered after the deadline? If there’s still some time before your actual date of submission, this will enable you to order your assignment from another essay writing service. 

You should also talk to your writer or the customer care representative about the add-ons that you can get with your essay. These might include a list of the references used or a literature review of your research paper and will definitely add to the value of your academic task.

Make Sure There’s No Plagiarism

You should ask if you will get a plagiarism report that guarantees the originality of your assignment. The last thing you want is to submit an essay or research paper that contains copied content.

Not only will this get you in academic trouble, but you will also be asked to repeat your essay or paper, which can be a real problem if the deadline is near. You can avoid this hassle if you make sure that your assignment is written by a trustworthy writer who will actually research it and write it from scratch.


Essay writing companies keep thriving because students seek assistance with their assignments. The problem is, colleges do not give young people enough resources and support. Naturally, professors are too busy to provide proper one-to-one guidance to all the students facing difficulties with their studies. As a result, they are looking for help outside academic institutions. With the help of reputable essay writing services that provide original content, young people gain an opportunity to get high grades and become more confident in particular subjects or topics.

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