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Meticore Reviews: Effective Ingredients or Real Side Effects – Weight Loss Diet

Meticore is claimed to increase the body’s core temperature naturally so that the age-related slowdown of the metabolism is reversed with absolutely no side effects!

A relatively new weight loss product was introduced just a few months ago. Today, Meticore seems to be leading the market as a metabolism-supporting supplement geared for quick weight loss management. This weight loss formula contains just the right amount of all-natural ingredients and two key vitamins, which will support digestion and increase the body’s core temperature when combined.

A functioning metabolism makes it possible for weight loss and then keeps the extra weight from collecting in the body for good. As per Meticore’s official website, the weight loss supplement is made using six high-profile and powerful nutrients and two potent vitamins that work in tandem to increase the body’s core temperature to support an accelerated metabolic rate. The body’s core temperature activates a process known for improving cells’ internal activity in the body and generating heat. The body starts regaining its capacity to burn stored fat and turn calories into energy.

In other words, the metabolism is in charge of breaking down calories consumed and converting them into energy the body needs to function efficiently.

Is Meticore a Scam?

New information on Meticore product scams has recently surfaced. There have been negative customer reviews and complaints focused on the ineffectiveness of the weight loss product; this review will cover everything customers need to know about this supplement so that an educated and more informed shopping decision can be made and where to purchase the real Meticore supplement so weight loss results can be achieved. The recent Meticore scam has nothing to do with the real Meticore supplement.

With fake Meticore products appearing in online ads, they are not from the real Meticore official website. But as more consumers learn about these fake Meticore products, consumers can protect themselves from such fake weight loss scams by purchasing from the official Meticore website only.

Why Use Meticore?

Having increased in popularity, Meticore is being used by people worldwide for its weight loss and health support benefits. The makers of this supplement state their formula works best because it also balances blood sugar levels, leading to a healthy heart, brain and has helped many achieve the weight loss results they were aiming for. Meticore is of great help for those who are on a journey to become slimmer and achieve improved overall health. Besides, as the product’s official website says, it’s effortless to introduce into one’s daily routine. Seeing only 1 capsule needs to be taken every day for the weight loss process to begin and the body to remain healthy in the long run.

Meticore Key Features

As mentioned, Meticore is claimed to increase the body’s core temperature naturally so that the age-related slowdown of the metabolism is reversed. It’s said to have absolutely no side effects, as it’s claimed to be made only with 100% natural ingredients. According to Meticore’s manufacturers, this formula works much better than any weight loss diet or exercise routine. Going through the Meticore official website, the key features of this supplement can be easily identified. They are:

  • Free from artificial stimulants and ingredients
  • It doesn’t cause addiction.
  • Derived from pure, natural ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility in the US

How Does Meticore Work?

By taking a single capsule of Meticore daily, with a glass of warm water, here’s how Meticore works in the body:

  • First, it reactivates a slow metabolism.
  • Second, it maintains an accelerated metabolic pace.

When the metabolism is reawakened and functions at a higher rate, the body starts burning fat and converting calories into energy more rapidly. In fact, the metabolism is the only one dictating how much weight is being lost or gained. However, slow metabolism leads to weight gain; however, when accelerated, it leads to weight loss and maintaining a perfect figure. Research has proven that as people age, the metabolic rate also slows down. This makes losing excess pounds more difficult and becomes harder to maintain healthy-looking skin, and control inflammation in the joints becomes more difficult. Moreover, a fast-paced metabolism also increases energy levels and aids in digestion.

Meticore Additional Benefits

Aside from raising the body’s core temperature and speeding up the metabolism. As a result, Meticore is also claimed to provide other health benefits, such as:

  • Plumps the skin
  • It makes the complexions glow.
  • It gives hair a silky feeling.
  • Reduces joint pain

Ingredients Used in Meticore

According to Meticore’s manufacturers, all these extra health benefits are provided because the supplement’s natural ingredients offer therapeutic effects.

With the introduction of Meticore in the market, there has been a rapid shift in people’s mindset about the weight loss supplement industry. Gone are the days of harmful chemicals used in weight loss supplements that offered instant results but ended up with many health risks. Meticore brought forward an all-natural supplement that helped curb obesity and provided many health benefits. This supplement’s advanced ability to be a natural catalyst to optimize the hormone levels and boost the core body temperature created a sustainable and conducive environment to burn fat and get energy.

Meticore is a weight loss supplement that lets you lose weight from your core without any strict diets or rigorous exercise. All that you need to do is to take one capsule a day. Losing weight is indeed a problematic endeavor but with the Meticore formula losing weight is a reality. The supplement hits the root cause of obesity to improve the digestive system, improve metabolism, and increase the core body temperature.

Here is the Meticore formula blend that is well balanced to trigger weight loss benefits to your body. The supplement contains vitamin B12 (10mcg) and chromium (35mcg). Both these ingredients are essential for the body. Vitamin B12 forms the red blood cells that prevent anemia and osteoporosis. Chromium is a weight loss supplement balancing the response of the body to insulin. With the right mix of minerals and vitamins, the Meticore creators have created this blend of 250mg. Let us now delve into the ingredients that make this weight loss supplement and its benefits in offering weight loss.

It’s time to understand what makes Meticore so unique and its secret formula that lets Meticore deliver without causing any side effects.

These ingredients used in the formulas are;

Brown Seaweed Extract

Because it contains fucoxanthin, the Brown Seaweed Extract in Meticore offers incredible support to lose weight. It targets only fat cells, especially the adipose tissue located around the belly. The primary role of Fucoxanthin is to reduce obesity, inflammation, and diabetes risk. The compound gets sourced from brown seaweed which is why it has a brownish hue color. Fucoxanthin is beneficial for women struggling with obesity as it purges the fat that gets accumulated in their liver. Brown seaweed contains magnesium, iron, vitamin B2, B12, and fiber, all of which directly link to weight loss.

African Mango Extract

Irvingia Gabonensis or African Mango Extract has been used for hundreds of years for its weight loss effects. African Mango has gained popularity because of its positive effects on weight loss. The ingredient curbs the users’ diet naturally. African Mango reduces the cholesterol level, and it manages the damage done by any former diet. It controls blood sugar levels making it safe for those who suffer from high sugar problems.

African Mango is full of dietary fiber that lets one feel full for longer, promoting weight loss. When one feels satiated faster it curbs hunger and does not allow indulging in binge eating. African Mango also improves digestive health, balances sugar and cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Moringa Oleifera

This powerful superfood increases energy levels and has antioxidant properties. Moreover, it makes the skin and hair more beautiful because it keeps them healthy.

A rich mineral and vitamin source, Moringa leaf contains many nutrients like vitamin A, potassium, calcium, zinc-iron, vitamin B1, and many more. These minerals nourish the hair, skin, and nails. It has a detoxifying effect that reduces inflammation and reduces the risk of Edema. The ingredient also has a compound called Niazimicin that inhibits the growth of cancer cells. The Moringa leaf extract strengthens the bones and improves mood. Moringa is not linked to weight loss directly, but their high anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties save from inflammation, free radical damage, and oxidative stress. All these benefits indirectly contribute to weight loss.


Ginger works naturally to reduce inflammation, but it has many other health benefits to provide too. However, the Meticore formula, ginger, is included to increase the formula’s other ingredients’ potency.

Ginger has found a use for a long time to ease nausea and for calming the body. Gingerol is an active compound in ginger. It reduces any digestive issues and supports the body’s defense against illness. The combination reduces inflammation which breaks down the damage caused because of oxidative stress. Ginger reduces weight by bringing down the blood sugar level and keeping the insulin levels under control. The benefits of ginger in weight loss are as per scientific research with studies conducted on animals and humans.


Containing curcumin, turmeric is an antioxidant with amazing anti-inflammatory effects as far as how it helps with weight loss. It eliminates toxins accumulated in the body to allow detoxification to happen naturally.

Turmeric is known since ancient times because of its antioxidant properties. It is used to ease inflammation. Turmeric is a complex composition of many ingredients that make it ideal as a weight loss supplement. The ingredient blocks the free radicals and reduces the toxic build-up in the body, which does not let it thrive in the digestive system. Turmeric contains curcumin. It is an active compound that reduces the risk of heart diseases. It promotes a healthy endothelial function that controls blood pressure and clotting.

The antibacterial and antioxidant property of turmeric root speeds up the weight loss process. It aids people who suffer from obesity and metabolic disorders by curbing inflammation linked to being overweight and thus helps in weight loss naturally.

Bitter Orange//Citrus Bioflavanoids

It is the compound found in citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges. The formula is used to improve blood flow and reduce inflammation in the body. It helps to reduce the symptoms of diabetes and acute haemorrhoidal disease.

Citrus prevents allergy and is also a natural weight loss supplement that treats inflammation. The ingredient boosts the body’s fat-burning ability to encourage a slim figure. It prohibits the accumulation of fat, burns calories, and controls the genes related to obesity.

Known to treat heartburn, indigestion, and constipation, Bitter Orange also helps in weight loss. Orange offers many healing properties and treats some common issues like heartburn, nausea, and obesity.

A full list of all ingredients used in the formula are listed as:

  • 15mcg (417% Daily Value) of vitamin B12 (as Cyanocobalamin)
  • 35mcg (100% DV) of chromium (as chromium picolinate)
  • 250mg of a Meticore Formula Blend containing turmeric (Curcuma longa), African mango, ginger, moringa leaf, citrus bioflavonoids, and fucoxanthin
  • Packaged into non-GMO, vegetable cellulose capsules.

All these ingredients are said to work together and increase the body’s core temperature so that the metabolism reactivates and no longer dormant. Moreover, they support a high metabolic rate for increased periods of time, which indicates that the longer Meticore is consumed and, as indicated on the bottle, the easier and more natural it becomes for the body to burn off fat and keep at bay in the long run.

Meticore cuts on appetite. It is the core method to help you lose weight which is also sustainable. People gain excess weight because they eat too many calories. Controlling appetite sends a message to the brain that it does not need to continually eat to satisfy the body’s needs. However, it is a stressful approach to count calories, which is where using supplements like Meticore can help reduce appetite and thus solve the weight gain problem.

The ingredients used in Meticore make one feel less hungry, and it also cuts down on the stress that triggers emotional eating. Controlling stress and reducing appetite does not let one reach for unhealthy food choices, leading to low calories and thus weight loss.

Is Taking Meticore Safe?

Asking about a health product’s safety is a must before deciding to buy it and, even more importantly, taking it. Meticore manufacturers say their supplement has been consumed by thousands of customers so far. The majority of these customers have only good things to say about the weight loss results they’ve achieved by using the formula. They also claim Meticore is a game-changer as far as weight loss goes because it doesn’t require users to diet when taking it or spend hours at the gym. In other words, Meticore helps with weight loss on its own, by the ingredients used in the formula raise the body’s core temperature and thus, accelerate the metabolic rate. As the Meticore official website says, this supplement is 100% safe to use, just like any other multivitamin available on the market, and made with natural, pure, and potent ingredients, in an approved and certified facility in the US, following the highest standards of hygiene and sterility of equipment.

Who Is Meticore For?

Meticore has been developed for all individuals who want to lose weight, men and women alike. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be taken for the other health benefits it can provide. It’s not a supplement for children, whereas pregnant mothers and breastfeeding women should not take it either. People who take prescribed medication under the care of a doctor should schedule a consultation before beginning a new supplement regime. While chances of this formula causing any side effects when combined with medication are low, there’s still the possibility that either Meticore’s or the prescribed drugs’ effects could be possibly reduced.

How to Buy Meticore?

The original Meticore weight loss product is sold only through the official Meticore website, where it offers amazing, discounted prices and offer a 60-day money-back guarantee,

The Manufacturers recommend the supplement be taken as indicated on the bottle and consistently for the best results to be achieved. It should also be allowed the formula some time to start reactivating the metabolism and begin the fat-burning process. As per the Meticore official website, Meticore produces optimal results in 90 to 180 days of consumption. Therefore, consumers that purchase Meticore find it is a completely risk-free investment. Shipping costs aren’t refundable. Also, refunds are offered only for the bottles returned to the manufacturer. Meticore customer service can be contacted by sending an email to:

The Truth About the Meticore Scam and Other Health Products Scams

While Meticore is indeed a weight loss product that can easily fall under the category of the so-called “miracle slimming” pills that have recently entered the market and which led to a consumer protection awareness message sent out, it doesn’t appear as though those who have used or are still using it have posted negative reviews. On the contrary, there are many positive Meticore reviews online.

However, there is a situation in which the customer can fall victim to a Meticore scam, and that is when he or she buys the supplement from an untrusting source that offers Meticore at much lower prices. In this situation, the supplement purchased is not the original one. It can be very dangerous to play with health like this by buying supplements from obscure webpages that boast their discounts. Not only do the formulas not deliver the real brand, but there’s also a high risk of not knowing what ingredients they contain, or where it was manufactured. This is why, to avoid a Meticore scam and not put their health at risk, consumers should only purchase this product from its official website.

What’s the Scamming Situation Out There?

While many may not realize how severe the issue of health supplement scams actually is, a report from the Federal Commission (FTC), released in October 2019, shows the number of consumers who were victims of weight loss supplement scams has significantly increased since 2017. It seems 6.5 million Americans bought shady products, from body wraps to supplements, creams, and even weight loss earrings, all promising miracle weight loss results. Customers should know that most of the products promising immediate and unbelievable results are mostly just scams, not to mention there’s a high risk they have hazardous side effects that put one’s health in danger. It can’t be stressed enough to protect consumers from such scams and the Meticore scam as well; those who are looking to lose weight with the help of various health products need to buy these products from their official websites only.

Too Good to Be True

As soon as a product promises immediate results that seem too good to be true, it’s more than likely that the product is a scam. For example, there are so-called weight loss supplements that advertise losing 5-7 pounds in just weeks. This is not only hard to believe but also unhealthy, as the US CDC has clearly said that losing more than 2 pounds a week poses a threat to health. Moreover, the same products claim the results they promise to deliver can be achieved without making any dietary or lifestyle changes. While Meticore indeed also claims to help with weight loss on its own, it says this is a gradual process. Results can be seen in 90 to 180 days of regular consumption, which is not at all hard to believe, seeing an accelerated metabolic rate is known to support weight loss. Meticore is said to help the metabolism function better.

How Can People Protect Themselves Against Scams?

Here are a few ways in which people can protect themselves not only against a Meticore scam but also other health supplement products scams out there:

Checking Ingredients and Products Approval Ratings

It’s essential to check the ingredients of a health product before buying it. Any supplement claiming to be made with the most powerful and efficient herbs should be looked at closely. First of all, FDA approval of substances that it contains needs to be verified. Second, one should look online to see what scientific studies were conducted on those substances and extracts found. Product websites that don’t list ingredients should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they not serious about presenting what they have to offer, but the products they advertise may be filled with hidden ingredients that can be very dangerous for the consumer’s health. Looking at how Meticore approaches this, it can be said everything is accurate. The website that sells and advertises it lists all the formulas ingredients and even presents studies, and the official website has a dedicated list of scientific references of their benefits.

Products on Which There’s Not a Lot of Information

Another sign of a scam is when a website that advertises and sells a health product does not offer important information regarding the product, from its manufacturer to the composition of its formula, and so on. This indicates there’s something shady about either the manufacturer or the product itself.

Reading Terms and Conditions

Many websites enroll customers in a subscription program and do not advertise this practice until the order has been placed. However, they do put this in their Terms and Conditions portion on the official websites, which should always be read before making a purchase. These types of monthly auto-ship and subscription plans are often associated with free trial products. Before purchasing a website offering payments for just shipping and handling, do yourself a favor and scroll through the Terms and Conditions before making a commitment and entering your banking information. This way, the customer’s credit card will not be charged afterward for recurring monthly shipments.

Checking Out Testimonials

When buying any health product, it’s always a good idea to check online what other customers have to say about it. The more legitimate positive reviews there are, the more likely that product is going to deliver what it promises before and after pictures usually used for weight loss products and showing spectacular results achieved in very short amounts of time are better not to be taken into consideration, as they’re probably not revealing the truth and may have been taken years apart.

Meticore 2021 FAQ

There are so many weight loss supplements and pills but compared to Meticore; they pale into oblivion. Those who have tried Meticore say it does not cause any serious side effects. It is ideal for use by obese people belonging to diverse age groups.

When you take Meticore, it is not necessary to spend several hours daily at the gym. Neither do you have to starve yourself of those foods that make you feel hungry? It helps restore the body’s core temperature safely. This, in turn, kick charges your metabolism rate.

As a matter of fact, you will gain more by using Meticore than taking most OTC multivitamin pills. The supplement, made with potent natural ingredients, is manufactured in high quality, pharmaceutical grade approved facility. You do not have to think about quality issues or the efficacy of the supplement at all. It does not come with artificial fillers and toxic chemicals. So, safety-wise, this is one weight loss supplement you can rely on.

Are Users Experiencing Real Results with Meticore?

When you begin using Meticore, you will experience some big changes. The ingredients in this supplest help in raising core temperature, and as a result, metabolism gets a boost. You will experience fat reduction from body parts in a gradual manner. You will also get glowing skin, and your overall health will improve. However, not every user experience the same benefits because everyone has a different constitution and metabolism.

You can place an order to experience the benefits. There are three packages to pick from. The 60-day money-back guarantee ensures you face no risk. The users who buy Meticore think only of weight loss benefits. However, they get amazed when they experience other health benefits. A lot of them say they enjoy better sleep quality and feel more energetic.

What happens if I lose fat too fast?

Meticore helps you shed extra fat, but not everyone experiences the same. In some cases, the user may experience rapid weight loss. If that happens to you, do not worry. You can try taking the supplement every alternate day. It is better if you consult with your doctor.

The fact is losing fat in a steady and gradual way is the best thing. Some obese people actually get delighted when they feel the results soon. It is prudent that you adhere to healthy lifestyle habits when using Meticore. This will ensure you get lasting weight loss results.

Can I look for it somewhere else?

The clear answer is no! You get Meticore only at the official brand website. Do not look for it elsewhere, offline or online. This may lead you to buy fake products. As of now, the stocks are low. Procuring quality natural ingredients is quite tough and costly these days. The demand is high, and so you should book your order without delay.

The doctors who have analysed the potent natural ingredients used to manufacture Meticore are of the view that users should try the supplement for at least 90 days. To get lasting results, you can take it for six months. For people over 40 and with 10 pounds of excess body weight, Meticore may need some time to fetch the expected results. Weight loss and getting in shape is a time consuming process, after all.

Is it Easy to Refund Meticore Weight Loss Pills?

Yes, once your order is processed by the dedicated Meticore merchant in Digistore 24. Your credit card or billing statement will show the payment accepted by their trusted merchant. It is vital that you are informed about this and if you are making the payment via someone else’s card do them know this too. In the case where you have upgraded your purchase the same will be added in an additional transaction and not the same. If you need any support you can contact the official Meticore support staff at

How Does Meticore Supplement Shipping Work?

Meticore is shipped to most countries around the globe. They aim to ship most of the packages the day the order has been confirmed or within 7 days of the order being placed excluding all recognized US Holidays and Postal Holidays.

Meticore will provide our customers with a shipping notification that contains the tracking link to track and locate their orders in transit.

Returns of Physical Items:

If customers want to get a full refund for an order of Meticore Supplement, you must return all bottles empty, full, or partially full, along with any bonus or free bottles if you have received any, which must be returned within 60 days from the date that you have placed the order along with your packing slip.

In case you have misplaced your original packing slip you must have the following information written on a note inside your package:

  • Your Digistore24 Order ID which you can find in your receipt
  • Your Full Name
  • The Full address where the shipment was received
  • Your Email address
  • Your Contact Number

In order to receive the full refund on the product, the purchase order must arrive at the fulfillment facility within 60 days of the purchase date. Failure to include any of the bottles in the return package or failure to state any of the information mentioned above will cause a failure in the refund. You must ensure that your Order ID is clearly stated and a staff person in the fulfillment center can read and allocate your return, failure of doing so will result in an inability to refund you. You must pay for the return shipment, once the shipment is received in the fulfillment center with all the mentioned criteria ticked off the box along with the correct information your refund process will be initiated. Your refund will be credited back to your bank account within 3-5 business days. However, it solely depends on the speed of the processing bank.

Return Address:

  • Meticore
  • 1301 Ridgeview Drive
  • McHenry IL 60050

Please note that for a refund on international orders you must be liable to pay for customs and these chargers would be non-refundable. They do not refund shipping charges levied on delivery outside the United States of America. Meticore will of course return you the charges of the bottle if you have ordered as per the policy above.

Once your order is processed via the merchant Digistore 24, your credit card or billing statement will show the payment accepted by our merchant. It is vital that you are informed about this and if you are making the payment via someone else’s card do them know this too. In the case where you have upgraded your purchase the same will be added in an additional transaction and not the same. If you need any support you can contact the dedicated Meticore VIP customer service at


To sum it all up, Meticore seems to have a solid background in delivering great weight loss and overall health benefits. It’s being advertised decently, without any exaggerated claims, not to mention many of the people who have tried it are saying excellent things about the way it works. Those who are thinking about trying Meticore themselves need to make sure they’re getting it from the official website, where it already comes at great, discounted prices and comes with the 60-day money-back guarantee. Meticore’s ingredients are known all over the world to help with weight loss. While there’s no guarantee this product will work for everyone, the fact that it contains natural herbal extracts that accelerate the metabolism and thus, burn off fat sure makes it worth giving it a try.

Many may wonder whether or not they should place an order of Meticore right now? Of course, yes! The company is offering a discount on MRP only for a limited time. So, it is better you buy it now. It is prudent that you buy at least 90 days’ supply. If you are serious about weight loss, order 180 days’ supply. You have to make a one-time payment. All orders are covered by the money-back guarantee. So, all you need to do is choosing the package and placing the order online. When you buy Meticore, there is no extra payment involved. There is nothing like any hidden charges. It will be a one-time payment.

The majority of people struggling to boost metabolism, increase energy and burn fat who use Meticore are happy with the outcome. However, there can be a small percentage of users who may feel they are not getting expected results. Everyone has a unique metabolism, as it is. If you feel somehow you are not getting the desired results after using the product, do not feel bad or lose sleep! The buyers can avail of the 100% money-back Guarantee, and that is valid after 60 days of buying. The refund process is devoid of hassles, and you need not answer any queries.

Official Website –

Contact Details: Meticore

TOLL FREE (888) 966-1522

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