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Drug Guardians Exposes the Growing Number of Lawsuits against Giant Pharma

Drug Guardians’ community now offers extensive information about a growing number of lawsuits against what’s called “big pharma,” giant pharmaceutical companies.

The pharmaceutical industry is worth billions of dollars in the US alone. However, “Big Pharma’s” reach is beyond US borders. While the industry has been credited with developing innovative and beneficial drugs currently being used across the world, the companies are also embroiled in dozens of lawsuits in the US alone. The cases include residents of just about every state that alleged negligence, deception, and the fraudulent methods adopted by companies to push drug sales. The often alleged, illegal, and fraudulent practices risk general public health and are of grave concern to every American.

Over the past couple of years, it is also alleged that Big Pharma has been involved in the manipulation of healthcare providers, thus costing the government exchequer billions of dollars. Often health care workers aren’t aware of the many adverse effects associated with a drug. In the interest of public knowledge and wellbeing, Drug Guardians have compiled and maintain a running list of the most controversial class-action lawsuits involving Big Pharma.

Drug Guardians
Drug Guardians

Looking through the list of lawsuits complied by Drug Guardians, it is hard not to see some big-name brands with global reach. There are dozens of lawsuits and cases to review ranging from all types of claims and warnings to users regarding drug interactions and potential side-effects. 

Readers can browse through a complete list of current and past lawsuits against Big Pharma by visiting Drug Guardians’ official website

Drug Guardians hopes that the list will help people who were victims of drugs that caused severe adverse effects, which were never mentioned come forward. The list will also serve as a warning for people who may have just started to use any one of the drugs now part of the latest lawsuits. “The best way for anyone to protect themselves is to make sure that they are armed with information, and Drug Guardians is working hard to do just that.” Said a spokesperson for Drug Guardians.

About Drug Guardians

Drug Guardians was founded to help consumers stand up for their rights when they are victims of negligence or intentional deception on the part of drug and medical device manufacturers. Drug Guardians partners with a nationwide network of licensed and insured attorneys with extensive experience advocating and upholding the rights of consumers and their loved ones. Drug Guardians encourages victims of Big Pharma to come forth to file a lawsuit or join an existing one.



Drug Guardians

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