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Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews: Nootropic Supplement How Does It Help For Memory & Focus? Review by HealthyRex

Alpha BRAIN® is a dietary supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.

In this Onnit Alpha Brain review, we will answer all your queries regarding this highly-acclaimed nootropic supplement.

Interestingly, one of the side effects of this nootropic supplement is having lucid dreams, which is currently the craze. But, how can you have lucid dreams by taking Onnit Alpha Brain Memory & Focus?

That’s why we will be exploring several other reviews on Onnit Alpha Brain from Amazon to Reddit and then to medical communities and websites.

In this Onnit Alpha Brain reviews, you will know the benefits, side effects, the Onnit Alpha Brain study, the best places to get the Onnit Alpha Brain promo code, and all that are essentials. Learn More From The Onnit Alpha Brain Official Website >>

What is Onnit Alpha Brain?

Onnit is a well-renowned peak performance brand. The Alpha Brain by Onnit is one of the most popular nootropic supplements that helps mental clarity, enhance focus level, and certain cognitive function for peak mental performance.

Alpha Brain by Onnit is the only one nootropic supplement that is clinically-studied and medically-proven to improve cognitive function.

The Alpha Brain supplement’s sustainable composition helps improve thought processes, mental speed, and specific cognitive functions to perform at your best. So, essentially it is a supplement that can help you focus on complex tasks, think clearly, and accomplish tasks as effortlessly as possible.

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Onnit Alpha Brain Benefits

How can Onnit Alpha Brain help you? The benefits of nootropics are plenty. But the Alpha Brain from the Onnit Labs is superior in terms of the fact that it produces alpha wave in the brain.

A person with greater Alpha Brain wave feels calmer, relaxed, and more focused on whatever he is doing. One of the best benefits of Alpha Brain is that it lets you feel in the zone. This is possible as it helps to enhance concentration at your work activity by producing Alpha Brain wave.

What does Onnit Alpha Brain do? We can understand it by knowing all the benefits of Onnit Alpha Brain Supplement-

  • Supports Memory:

By taking Alpha Brain daily, you purportedly boost and protect memory, eliminate brain fog, and sustain cognitive energy. L-theanine in the Onnit Alpha Brain plays a crucial role in enhancing mental clarity.

Researchers found that it improves memory and cognitive functions. [1] There are other vital ingredients of the Onnit Alpha Brain that helps mental clarity and speeds up the thinking process, and this we will explain in the later section of the ingredient list.

But what’s important to know is that the effectiveness of Alpha Brain in improving verbal memory is proven. It was confirmed in one of the most prominent nootropic studies published in the Human Psychopharmacology database.

  • Promotes Focus and Attention Level:

People take Onnit Alpha Brain to focus on complex tasks. The amino acids, such as L-Theanine present in the Alpha Brain, is clinically researched to promote attention. L-Theanine, paired with L-Tyrosine, helps support neurotransmitters for mental alertness.

  • Speeds Up Mental Processing:

Onnit Alpha Brain proprietary blend carries some of the most potent nootropics such as Alpha-GPC that aids mental processing.

  • Helps the Body Repair itself:

Alpha Brain contains Ac-11® – a proprietary extract of the Uncaria Tomentosa, a herb from the Amazon rainforest. This proprietary extract is exclusively licensed for use in nootropics from Optigenex Inc. AC-11 works as a powerful catalyst in Onnit Alpha Brain and helps the body activate DNA repair of cells.

Ac-11® is scientifically proven to facilitate the body’s natural DNA repair process. [2] It helps the body’s natural ability to repair cells and enhance the immune system.

  • Keeps Mind and Muscles Healthy and Young:

The Onnit Focus Blend aids the production of acetylcholine – a powerful brain chemical that triggers motivation, attention, memory, and enhances several functions in the brain. Moreover, acetylcholine neurotransmission enhances muscles flexibility and movement. [3]

But, why take our words for it. You can understand the efficacy when you know about the clinically-tested study on the Alpha Brain benefits review.

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The Onnit Alpha Brain Study

Onnit Labs is the only supplement company with established clinical trials and scientific explanations on the nootropic supplement’s efficacy by Onnit Alpha Brain.

Statistical Results from Alpha Brain Nootropic shows Significant Improvement in Cognitive functions of Brain.

A 2016 randomized and double-blind study [4] on the Alpha Brain supplement was done among 63 participants. They received a placebo run for 2-week and 6-week consecutive sessions before taking the Alpha Brain supplement.

The participants were then asked to participate in multiple neuropsychological tests and assessments during the marks of 2-weeks and 6-weeks. The study found that the participants who took Alpha Brain showed significant improvement in verbal memory recall than those who didn’t take it.

The Onnit Alpha Brain clinical trial resulted in a 12% improvement in executive functioning and verbal recall. Furthermore, the Alpha Brain participants showed a 21% faster response time in cognitive function assessment than the placebo.

The participants also underwent an electroencephalogram (ECG) test to determine the brain wave functions. The ECG data showed one of the most compelling findings among the Alpha Brain group. Those who took the supplement showed higher peak alpha frequency, directly related to better brain health.

In short, the results show that Alpha Brain helps verbal vocabulary, memory and improves executive functions and reasoning skills and it is scientifically ‘proven’.

Now that the benefits of Onnit Alpha Brain are well-proven, it is time to go more in-depth on why you need it. So, Why do you need the Alpha Brain supplement?

See, a deficiency in anything holds you back from the success you are meant for while improving your cognitive thinking abilities certainly brings an overall improvement in your lifestyle, goals, and ambition. That is why people consider taking Onnit Supplements.

When choosing a brain or nootropic supplement, you must select the one that is clinically tested. Alpha Brain is so popular among creative heads, geniuses, and talents for a reason, and that’s because it does it well. Alpha Brain is backed by rigorous clinical research and evidence and comes from a world-renowned brand- the Onnit Labs.

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients

Onnit Alpha Brain consists of more than 11 clinically-tested nootropics that optimize brain function and cognitive processing.

The Alpha Brain contents’ composition is divided into three blends known as the Onnit Flow Blend, the Onnit Focus Blend, and the Onnit Fuel Blend. Each of the combinations targets distinct phases for brain improvement and cellular integrity.

We have listed each of the three blends’ components consecutively and explained what each of them does to your brain and body.

Here is the list of ingredients in Onnit Alpha Brain–

  1. L-Theanine
  2. L-Tyrosine
  3. Phosphatidylserine
  4. Oat Straw Extract
  5. Cat’s Claw Extract
  6. Alpha-GPC
  7. Huperzia Serrata
  8. Bacopa
  9. L-Leucine
  10. Pterostilbene
  11. Cat Claw Extract

How Onnit Alpha Brain Works

Alpha Brain was designed to help everyone gain peak overall mental performance. It consists of powerful nootropics and vitamins the promote the alpha wave in your brain.

How does the Onnit Alpha Brain work? The nootropics present in the supplement supercharges cognitive abilities by boosting alpha waves in the brain and producing neurotransmitters.

The formula’s composition, the Onnit nootropic blend, enables 100% brain activity for peak mental performance.

The compounds in the Onnit Flow Blend help brain produce alpha wave. The Onnit Focus Blend compounds provide healthy acetylcholine levels essential for the peripheral and central nervous system.

We need to know about the Onnit trademarked ingredient blends in detail to understand how the supplement works and operates.

Onnit Alpha Brain Ingredients List: Clinical Evidence

  • L-theanine and L-Tyrosine: Both L-Theanine and L-Tyrosine are essential amino acids that aid cognitive function by stimulating dopamine in the brain.

L-Tyrosine produces dopamine [5] and is shown to aid cognitive performance.

L-Theanine induces the release of the chief hormone, dopamine, and serotonin, promoting attention and clear thinking. [6]

  • Phosphatidylserine: Phosphatidylserine plays an essential role in the maintenance and protection of cellular functions in the brain.

Researchers found that Phosphatidylserine keeps memory sharp and shows promising aspects for treating memory problems. [7]

  • Oat Straw Extract: We don’t think it is important to tell you the role of Oat straw extract in improving brain function. No wonder you already know. It is one of the most popular ingredients in brain supplements.
  • Cat’s Claw Extract (AC-11 ): The Flow Blend is further supported by Ac-11® – a proprietary extract of the Uncaria Tomentosa which is proven to promote cellular integrity and DNA repair. [8]
  • ALPHA-GPC: Alpha-GPC present in the Alpha Brain Content aids the production of acetylcholine precursors.[9]
  • Huperzia Serrata Extract: The Huperzia Serrata helps stop the breakdown of acetylcholine [10] and is beneficial for treating memory deficit [11] and maintaining the nervous system.
  • Bacopa Extra: The Bacopa extract helps neurotransmission and shortens reaction time. [12]
  • Vitamin B6: The Onnit Alpha Brain formula is further supported by Vitamin B6, which is essential for creating neurotransmitters and cell metabolism. [13]
  • Pterostilbene and L-Leucine: The compounds in the Onnit Alpha Brain’s Fuel Blend carries Pterostilbene and L-Leucine. These Alpha Brain contents help optimize neural communication and help maintain the brain and peripheral nerve cells.

Onnit Alpha Brain Customer Reviews and User Experience

With more than one million bottles sold, Onnit Alpha Brain comes with excellent ratings. Here we share the best of the reviews on Onnit Alpha Brain from selectable health communities and websites.

  • “I have no rituals or superstitions before a show or podcast, but I have to have two things. It’s a must to have Coffee and my Alpha Brain. It makes up for not paying attention during my school education, and it’s a science.” – Brendan Schaub, MMA start, top-ranked UFC heavy contender, member of Buffalo Bills.
  • “The mental grind of playing golf at the highest level takes its toll. Alpha Brain® makes up the difference between good and great.” -Scot Stallings, Professional Golfer [Scott Stallings | Onnit.]
  • “There’s no better way to get your mind firing on all cylinders than with this nootropic (Alpha Brain)! I won’t start a day in the office without it.” -Hannah Eden, Fitness Entrepreneur.
  • “I noticed more than 6 hours of improved concentration after taking Alpha Brain. The added mental clarity was a plus point, but the biggest difference I saw was a huge effect on my dream, and it also improved my speed of thought.” – JC, Massachusetts, Onnit Alpha Brain Vitamin Shoppe”.
  • “Whether I’m on camera or the mats, I use Alpha Brain® every single time I need to perform at my best, and honestly, I don’t know what I would do without it.” -Whitney Miller, Miss United States.

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Alpha Brain is the most popular nootropic for peak mental performance among UFC fighters, mixed martial artists, professional golfers, star comedians, performance coaches, to entrepreneurs.

Onnit Alpha Brain memory and focus review are perhaps best put down by them. And interestingly, we found that they take Onnit Alpha Brain and New Mood together, and we will uncover why.

Onnit Alpha Brain With The Onnit New Mood

As per Onnit Labs Alpha Brain review, Alpha Brain works best with New Mood, Onnit’s flagship supplement. According to Onnit Labs, New Mood is a chill pill that helps you balance daily stress.

Alpha Brain pairs up nicely with New Mood because you may want to shut down all the noise and chaos after a great productive day. That’s when the New Mood helps take a notch down of the day and get a peaceful mind for a refreshing sleep.

Onnit Alpha Brain Review Side Effects

This section explains Onnit Alpha Brain’s side effects based on medical evidence and our extensive research on the users taking the supplement.

Alpha Brain is one of the safest nootropic supplements. However, you may experience some minor side effects in terms of medicine interactions or when consuming more than required.

That is why you must stick to the recommended dosage and must consult with your doctor before taking any nootropic supplement.

When it comes to Onnit Alpha Brain’s adverse side effects, the nootropic ingredients are well tolerated but are common among those who take high dosages.

According to the Onnit website, a user may experience fatigue or nervousness if he is not accustomed to nootropic supplements.

Counter nootropic supplements have a reputation for consisting of stimulants. But, Onnit Alpha Brain is free from caffeine and stimulants. That is why Alpha Brain overdose shouldn’t be a concern.

Alpha Brain is the only cognitive enhancing supplement that is extensively researched and investigated in several clinical trials. Based on the 2015’s Onnit Alpha Brain study on the supplement’s efficacy as published in the International Society of Sports Nutrition Journal, results indicated no reported side effects.

If you want to avoid the unexpected side effects, it is essential to be committed to Onnit Alpha Brain recommended dosage. As per the official website and the Onnit Alpha Brain label, it is recommended to take two capsules, preferably after a meal.

It’s possible to get adverse side effects if you take it simultaneously with energy drinks or cognitive enhancers.

Interestingly, you can get insights about the effects and much more from the top critical reviews. And we have done this part for you. The most common complaint regarding the adverse effects of taking Onnit Alpha Brain is headache, nausea, vomiting, and shivering.

Onnit Alpha Brain Negative Side Effects As Per User Experience And The Probable Reason With Explanation Is As Follow-

  • Onnit Alpha Brain Nausea

You may feel nauseous if you take Alpha Brain on an empty stomach. Onnit Alpha Brain headache and vomiting tendency is prevalent among those who are new to nootropics.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain Stomach Ache

All dietary supplements, especially nootropics, cause certain stomach issues, and Alpha Brain is not different.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain Anxiety

When you take the Alpha Brain supplement, you may feel an elevated mood and perception. Onnit Alpha Brain contains powerful nootropics that boost cognitive function and alleviate stress, anxiety, and depressions.

Onnit Alpha Brain Lucid Dreams

Though there is no report on the Onnit Alpha Brain adverse effects as per clinical trial, there are some interesting facts. You may get lucid dreams if you take Onnit Alpha Brain before bed.

Many users taking Onnit Alpha Brain pills have lucid dreams. Some like to get the lucid dream, while some others don’t like it.

Lucid dreams occur when you take Alpha Brain close to your bedtime. If you take the pills just before sleeping, you may feel relaxed, but your brain stays active, and that is why you will get lucid dreams but in a comfortable setting.

Onnit Alpha Brain Side effects depend on several factors such as–

  • Your age
  • Preexisting condition
  • Physical condition
  • Taking it simultaneously with other enhancers
  • Genetic factors
  • Interactions with medicines
  • Upping the dosage

Stick to the Onnit Alpha Brain recommended dosage to avoid unexpected side effects.

Onnit Alpha Brain Pregnancy Risks To Consider

As per the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement fact sheet and website, consult a doctor before taking it if you are pregnant. Should you take nootropic or brain supplements when pregnant?

First of all, Alpha Brain is not a drug but a natural nootropic supplement that helps revive the brain’s normal function. There are several issues to consider when you are considering taking brain supplements during pregnancy.

Scientists and researchers are still working to find how a mother’s brain and fetus coordinates with nootropics. As per Onnit Alpha Brain instructions, you must consult with your doctor before taking any supplement when you are pregnant.

Onnit Alpha Brain Alternatives

Based on our research, nothing beats Onnit Alpha Brain. It is sold over 1 million bottles and endorsed by Joe Rogan. Top athletes as Michael Vazques, MMA Champions, UFC Fighters, Performance Coach, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Entrepreneurs recommends Onnit Alpha Brain. However, here are a few of the comparison facts on Onnit Alpha Brain competitors-

  • Onnit Alpha Brain VS Mind Lab Pro

Both Alpha Brain and Mind Lab pro are caffeine-free nootropic supplements. Interestingly, both of them carry a total of 11 nootropic ingredients. But one of the differences in the price tag.

Onnit Alpha Brain costs a tad bit higher than Mind Lab Pro, but you have several options to cut the cost. When it comes to user ratings, we found Onnit Alpha Brain raid the market – both at physical and online stores.

Furthermore, Mind Lab Pro’s clinical trial and efficacy are not published or available online for consumers. On the other hand, Alpha Brain is the only one nootropic supplement with an established clinical trial, and you can find the research published in respectable journals.

That means Onnit Alpha Brain is clinically-studied and backed by scientific research, while there is no paper on Mind Lab Pro for consumers. Based on all these points, there is no doubt that Alpha Brain is superior in terms of legitimacy and efficacy of the claims of being a nootropic supplement.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain VS Adderall

Adderall is a drug that induces dopamine levels, and Onnit Alpha Brain is a natural drug-free nootropic supplement that almost does the same but in a healthy way. As a matter of fact, Alpha Brain is one of the best natural alternatives to Adderall.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain VS Neuro Peak

Based on our extensive research, Onnit Alpha Brain is far superior in terms of legitimacy, clinical trials, and the supplement formula. Alpha Brain raids the market with more than 1 million fan base and is more transparent than the Neuro Peak supplement.

Onnit Alpha Brain Pros And Cons

Compared to a range of nootropic supplements, we have listed the pros and cons of Onnit Alpha Brain-

Alpha Brain Pros:

  • 100% Natural Nootropic formula
  • The only nootropic supplement with extensive clinical trials and published papers
  • Vegan-friendly and Gluten-free
  • Stimulant and Caffeine-free
  • Easy to swallow
  • The only nootropic supplement with powder form (drink mix) version, the Alpha Brain Instant
  • Certified by BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) to be drug-free and free from harmful substance
  • Certified by renowned anti-doping labs in the United States as Olympic Committee (USOC), the U.S. military, and Anti-doping Agency (WADA) so that consumers can pass all drug tests including amphetamine.

Alpha Brain Cons:

  • First-time nootropic users may feel slightly nauseous
  • Alpha Brain Instant is not available in physical stores
  • Slight delay in shipment due to COVID -19

Onnit Alpha Brain Price

You can get a various quantity of Alpha Brain capsules. It is available at 30, 90, 270, and 360 counts of tablets. The Onnit Alpha Brain (30 counts) costs $29.71 for recurring purchases and $34.95 for a one-time buy.

The 90 count container of Onnit Alpha Brain costs $67.96 for regular purchase and $79.95 for a one-time purchase.

If you are a first-timer, you must go for the Alpha Brain Instant, the coolest nootropic drink with the same ingredients as the Alpha Brain supplements. All the flavors cost $59.59 at the Onnit Labs website.

We must have left you wondering what’s the difference between the Onnit Alpha Brain and the Alpha Brain Instant. So, here it is.

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Onnit Alpha Brain Instant Review: Alpha Brain VS Alpha Brain Instant

Onnit Alpha Brain instant memory & focus is a nootropic drink mix with a variety of flavor options. If you don’t like swallowing Onnit Alpha Brain pills, then the Alpha Brain Instant drink mix is perhaps the best choice.

We’ve tried the Onnit Alpha Brain instant free trial, and lucky us that we got it. Onnit Alpha Brain instant ingredients are also the same as those present in the Alpha Brain’s formula.

What we liked is that it comes in very trendy pouches. The Onnit Alpha Brain powder is easy to dissolve, and the flavor is enjoyable.

Here is a list of all-time favorite flavors of Alpha Brain Instant:

  • Alpha Brain Instant Ruby Grapefruit (Burst of orange flavors and feels like morning freshness)
  • Alpha Brain Instant Meyer Lemon (flavors of mandarin orange and feels like summertime lemonade)
  • Alpha Brain Instant Coconut Lime (tastes like piña coladas and brings memories of beach vacation)
  • Alpha Brain Instant Pineapple Punch (this tastes like the early summer days of pool parties)
  • Alpha Brain Instant Natural Peach (tastes like lots of peaches)
  • Alpha Brain Instant Blackberry Lemonade (tastes sweet and a little bit tart)

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Another of the best ways to get an Onnit Alpha Brain coupon is to get in touch with a regular Onnit supplement user.

We managed to get Onnit Alpha Brain golden ticket by directly contacting members from the Onnit Pro team who recommends Alpha Brain. You can steal this trick of ours, and you will be amazed.

Onnit Alpha Brain Where to Buy

You have more than 10 options for purchasing Onnit Alpha Brain. Here is the list of places that sells Onnit Alpha Brain and the best places to shop for the deal, discounts, and Onnit Alpha Brain instant free trial.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain in Stores: Onnit’s website has a store locator option. If you are searching for Onnit Alpha Brain near me, put a halt. Because the official website has a nice built-in feature called Onnit Alpha Brain store locator. You may even Visit the official website and scroll down to the footer, and there you will find the Onnit Alpha Brain store locator. Use it, and you will be surprised to see a list of places with Onnit Alpha Brain for sale.
  • Onnit Alpha Brain Walmart Options: You can get Onnit Alpha Brain Memory and Focus (30 count capsules) at Walmart. But, the price varies from one seller to another at Walmart. For example, iHerb sells Alpha Brain (30 counts) at $42.23, while E.K.N.Y.C sells it for $38.99.
  • Onnit Alpha Brain Walgreens Options: You can get several types of brain and memory support supplements from Walgreens but not the Onnit Alpha Brain.
  • Onnit Alpha Brain CVS Pharmacy: The good news is you can get Onnit Labs Alpha Brain (30 Count) from CVS pharmacy. But, for every purchase you make from the Onnit’s website store, you get reward points that you can redeem for gifts and trendy items.
  • Onnit Alpha Brain Amazon: With 4.7 out of 5 ratings, Onnit Alpha Brain is one of the best-sellers at Amazon. But most of the time, the stock runs out at Amazon.

You cannot get the Onnit Alpha Brain promotional code and neither the reward points when you shop it from Amazon. Note that, Onnit Alpha Brain rewards and discount code is not available at Amazon but only available from the official website.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain eBay: If curious minds want to search for Onnit Alpha Brain at eBay, put a halt to it. It just doesn’t make any sense to buy Alpha Brain from eBay because there is no authorized seller. If you need to order it online, you have better options.
  • Onnit Alpha brain Target: Alpha Brain is not available for online purchase at Target stores. But, you can get it from the Target physical stores near you. You can use the Onnit Alpha Brain Store Locator to locate the nearest Target stores selling the Alpha Brain.
  • Onnit Alpha Brain Whole Foods Market: Onnit Is one of the most trusted supplement brands in the Whole Food Market.

The Whole Foods Market is a leading multinational supermarket chain that sells organic products, especially free from artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors. Onnit Alpha Brain is created from Earth grown ingredients the Whole Foods Market has gladly partnered with them since 2017.

That means you can get Alpha Brain Memory & Focus at the Whole Foods Market, including the Alpha Brain New Mood Stress & Mood Support Supplement, Onnit MCT Oil, Shroom TECH Sport, and the Alpha Brain Instant Mix (Peach).

  • Onnit Alpha Brain Vitamin Shop: We all know that there are so many lucrative discounts and offerings at the vitamin shoppe. Yes, the Alpha Brain from Onnit Labs is available there. But, you will only get the Alpha Brain (30ct) ones.

But, if you intend to save or get good Alpha Brain discounts, visiting the official website is the best bet.

Onnit Alpha Brain Reviews – Final Words

We hope you found all the information you have been looking for in this Onnit Alpha Brain review. No wonder it is one of the best nootropic supplements. From athletes, fitness pros to entrepreneurs – Onnit Alpha Brain pills are a great way to improve memory and concentration naturally.

Last but never least, don’t forget to check the website for the Onnit Alpha Brain sample and promotional offers. We have also got you covered with point-specific answers on a list of 20 FAQs on Onnit Alpha Brain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Onnit Alpha Brain

Q. What is Alpha Brain?

Answer: Alpha Brain from the Onnit Labs is a supplement that supports cognitive functions like mental clarity and focus. The Alpha Brain features the best nootropics for peak mental performance. Best of all, it is free from stimulants and caffeine and one of the most well-renowned cognitive enhancing supplements. This nootropic supplement is the only one that is backed by a clinical study and researches on its efficacy and benefits.

Q. What’s in Onnit Alpha Brain?

Answer: What’s appreciatable is the Onnit Alpha Brain label, which is very clean and well-detailed. It contains L-tyrosine, oat straw extract, Phosphatidylserine, cat’s claw (bark) extract (ac-11), l-alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC), bacopa extract, huperzia Serrata extract, l-leucine, pterostilbene.

As per Onnit Alpha Brain nutrient facts, it also contains vitamin b6 as pyridoxine HCl. The capsules are vegetarian and consist of cellulose, water, and silica.

Onnit Alpha Brain powder (The Alpha Brain Instant drink mix) ingredients are the same as the Alpha Brain supplements. All the ingredients and nutrition facts are clearly printed on the Onnit Alpha Brain label.

Q. Is Onnit Alpha Brain FDA Approved?

Answer: The United States Food And Drug Administration is not authorized to approve a dietary supplement. Please learn more from the official website here.

Q. Is Onnit Alpha Brain Safe?

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain is a clinically-studied nootropic supplement. The Alpha Brain formula is tested extensively in several clinical trials ensuring that the supplement is safe.

The BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group), the state’s top toxicology lab, provides the gold standard that a supplement is free from drugs and safe. Alpha Brain is BSCG certified, confirming that it is free from banned and harmful substances.

Onnit supplements are popular among athletes, MMA fighters, and famous sports intellects participating in FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games. The Onnit Alpha Brain drug test of many performers before the competitions indicated no harmful content in the supplement.

Onnit Alpha Brain drug test was done by several renowned anti-doping labs in the United States, including the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC), the U.S. military, Anti-doping Agency (WADA). There was no such report indicating any presence of banned substances in the Alpha Brain content.

Furthermore, every batch of the Onnit Alpha Brain undergoes extensive tests at the Onnit Lab, regularly ensuring the products are free from illegal substances. The Onnit Lab’s testing protocols cover more than 140 drug testing using LCMS (Liquid chromatography and Mass Spectrometry). The testing protocol ensures that the Alpha Brain carries no harmful contents and neither any stimulants.

Q. Is Onnit Alpha Brain Legit?

Answer: The Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) drug-free certification program ensures that the supplement’s product and compounds of the ingredients are free from harmful agents and free from drugs and stimulants.

Onnit Alpha Brain is a certified drug free nootropic supplement and carries the gold standard. The toxicology reports and manufacturing audits of Alpha Brain shows that it is legit.

Moreover, Onnit is an established brand. The Onnit supplements are popular among sportspeople and athletes. There is no evidence of any banned compound or ingredient in the supplements.

Q. Is Onnit Alpha Brain Vegan?

Answer: Yes, Onnit Alpha Brain is vegan friendly, gluten-free, and caffeine-free. It is made with 100% natural ingredients. Onnit Alpha Brain capsules are 100% vegan-friendly and contain Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, water, and Rice Hull Concentrate (Nu-FLOW®).

Q. Is Onnit Alpha Brain Gluten-Free?

Answer: You can go through the Alpha Brain’s ingredient lists to evaluate and eliminate gluten consumption risks. As per the Onnit Alpha Brain ingredients list, the capsule is vegetarian and formulated with Nu-Flow, the gluten-free extract of the rice hull concentrate. All the other ingredients are free from gluten contents. That means the Alpha Brain by Onnit Labs is a gluten-free supplement.

Q. Does Onnit Alpha Brain Work?

Answer: It is scientifically ‘proven’ that Onnit’s flagship nootropic supplement, Alpha Brain works. The 2016 randomized and placebo-controlled study on the Alpha Brain found that it improves verbal memory and executive functioning skills such as speed processing. Participants who took the supplement showed faster completion time in the executive assessment tests. Moreover, the researchers found improvement in verbal memory among the participants who took the supplement compared with the placebo. In short, Alpha Brain nootropic is medically researched in several clinical trials, and the efficacy of the supplement stands the strongest.

Q. Does Onnit Alpha Brain Expire?

Answer: The standard shelf life of nutritional supplements is two to three years. As per Onnit’s instruction regarding shelf life and expiration, they recommend discarding any of the supplements after two years from the date of manufacture. Hence, the Onnit Alpha Brain expires after two years from the manufacturing date.

Q. Does Onnit Alpha Brain Have Caffeine?

Answer: Unlike most of the brain supplements, Onnit Alpha Brain does not contain caffeine. As a matter of fact, it is a stimulant-free supplement. As per Onnit Alpha Brain clinical trial and as certified by BCGS, there is no report on Onnit Alpha Brain caffeine content.

Q. How long does Onnit Alpha Brain Last?

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain lasts more than 6 hours. According to some of the independent reviews on Onnit Alpha Brain, the effects may last more than 7-8 hours.

Q. When to take Onnit Alpha Brain?

Answer: The official instruction from the Onnit Labs is to take the capsules in the morning or early afternoon. It is printed on the Onnit Alpha Brain supplement facts and label.

Q. Where to buy Onnit Alpha Brain?

Answer: Onnit’s website is the one-stop-shop for getting your Alpha Brain as effortlessly as possible. You can place your order directly at They have international retailers and authorized partners in more than 20 countries so that you face no problem in getting the right product at the right time.

Here is a list of Onnit Alpha Brain retailers outside the United States-

  • Onnit Alpha Brain UK

By using the Onnit Store Locator, we found several authorized Onnit partners in the U.K. For example, you can order it from The good news is Onnit delivers Alpha Brain directly to the U.K.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain South Africa is the official distributor of Onnit Alpha Brain in South Africa. The price of Onnit Alpha Brain Memory and Focus 30ct from Primal Revolution is R600.00 and R1,200.00 for the 90ct.

  • Onnit Alpha Brain New Zealand

If you search for – Buy Onnit Alpha Brain NZ, you will come across You can buy Onnit Alpha Brain from N.Z. iHerb and also from Fishpond. According to Onnit Alpha Brain review Reddit, Onnit ships to Nz.

You can get a list of authorized Onnit Alpha Brain stores from the official website. On top of that, you get access to Onnit Alpha Brain trial offers from there. According to Onnit Alpha Brain reviews, you may face a shipping delay (10 to 15 days) due to COVID-19 flight restrictions.

Q. Why does Onnit Alpha Brain Make Me Sick?

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain Memory and Focus is one of the most popular nootropic supplements. One of the most common bad experiences with nootropic supplements is feeling sick or nauseous.

There are several reasons why you may feel sick when others are perfectly well when taking a multivitamin supplement. One of the common reasons to feel sick is when you take them on an empty stomach, according to Dr. Hensrud from Mayo Clinic.

Nootropic supplements do not work the same for everyone. Onnit Alpha Brain Memory and Focus is essentially for speeding up the thought process and long-term neurological health benefits. Some consider the increased focus level as a plus point, and to some of us, it may work in another way.

Consider adjusting the dosage or try Onnit Alpha Brain alternatives. If Alpha Brain makes you sick, take the suggestion from the Onnit Labs. As per Onnit Labs Suggested use, it pairs up nicely with New Mood.

Q. What are the Side Effects of taking Onnit Alpha Brain?

Answer: The side effects of Onnit Alpha Brain is very rare. Based on Onnit Alpha Brain clinical trial and evidence, there is no report on adverse effects of the supplement.

However, according to some users and research done on the Onnit Alpha Brain reviews, there are some common effects that you may expect.

The most common reason these side effects show up is when the user is not used to the aftereffects of taking nootropic supplements. The fact that Alpha Brain speeds up thought processes and increases alertness may make you feel dizzy as a first-time user.

That is why Onnit Alpha Brain works better with Onnit New Mood. The New Mood from Onnit Labs helps to shut down the mind’s chaos and allows you to get a refreshing sleep after a long day of work and action. You can find New Mood on the same website of Alpha Brain as both of from Onnit company.

Q. Can you take Onnit Alpha Brain with Adderall?

Answer: Though no report or clinical evidence showing an adverse effect of taking Adderall with Alpha Brain. But it is perhaps a bad idea to mix it. Onnit Alpha Brain is the best supplement for people on Adderall. It is a natural option for those who want to give up Adderall.

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Q. Onnit Alpha Brain Customer Service Phone Number and Email?

Answer: Onnit Alpha Brain Customer Phone Number: +1-855-666-4899 and Email address- [email protected]

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Product Contact: +1-855-666-4899. Email- [email protected]

Press Release Contact: [email protected]

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