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Why Do Students Use Custom Essay Writing Services in the USA? – Laura Fields Research

What Is the Best Custom Essay Writing Service in the US and Why Do Students Use Them? These and Other Questions Are Discussed by Laura Fields, the Owner of

Millennials and Generation Z have a different journey toward adulthood. While the previous generations encountered their fair share of challenges, today’s academic and professional landscape is a mess.

Students are overworked, stressed, and burdened with debt. Also, there is little consolation for those who know that they are decades away from their maximum earning potential, even if they do everything right.

Taking all of these factors into consideration, it comes as no surprise that students will embrace any form of relief. Custom essay writing services offer to lessen your workload by consulting or outright writing your essays.

This article will explore essay custom writing and the primary consumer motivations that drive the custom essay writing industry.

What are essay custom writing companies?

As their name suggests, these are businesses that promise to either help you with your essay or write it in your stead. Writers are usually contracted from freelance sites, and they are vetted based on particular criteria.

The claim towards “quality writing” is universal, yet few companies manage to provide consistent quality—still, those who do provide a valuable service.

Payment is usually proportionate to three criteria: number of pages, difficulty, and urgency of the deadline.

Although an extended essay can thin your wallet, it is most affordable on a student budget. There is an industry-standard price range, and a majority of sites adhere to it.

Customers can enjoy many options, given that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of custom essay writing companies.

Let the buyer beware!

“Let the buyer beware” is an English proverb with roots in the Latin: “Caveat emptor.” This phrase applies especially to custom essay writing help.

While there are many available custom essay paper writing platforms, few of them are good.

Most of these companies are guilty of false advertising, claiming to hire teacher-level writers and experts in every Academic field. The reality is that they hire freelancers.

The quality provided by freelancers is very inconsistent. Some are remarkably brilliant and astute, while others are unmotivated and untalented. This means that you can get quality work out of even the worst companies.

It just depends on the luck of the draw and which freelancer gets to write your paper. The selection process is not transparent, although some platforms allow you to pay extra for their top writers.

It should be mentioned that many customers have complained about missed deadlines. While the standard policy offers a full refund in this case, it will do little to restore your failed grade.

Plagiarism claims are also common, so be sure that you select a reputable company, even if it is more expensive.

As a student and a potential customer, this should not discourage you. There are some excellent options available, but you have to research them first. My advice would be to read some custom essay writing reviews and make a decision based on that info.

Custom essay writing service reviews are not hard to find, and a majority of them are accurate.

A custom essay writing service can aid in stress relief

The trope of the student pulling all-nighters right before the midterms is mostly true. Be it procrastination or a genuine lack of time, you may find yourself drowning in the amount of work that needs doing.

Yet, being tired, stressed, and sleep-deprived will not result in your best work.

In terms of effects on your health, stress is on the same scale as obesity and smoking. It wreaks havoc on every system and cell of your body, it shortens your lifespan, and it impairs your full intellectual capacity.

Only a student working a part-time job can understand the terror of not meeting an important deadline. This may seem like a trivial complaint, but today’s marketplace leaves no place for B students.

Even before the Internet, some students could buy essays and other papers. The selling of academic work is as old as Academia itself. There used to be someone in every dormitory who could write just about anything. For a small fee, of course.

A custom essay writing company is just a standardized and more reliable version of that old practice of buying homework.

In some cases, the work is superior to what you could get from a fellow A-student. Many platforms claim to hire PhD-level writers, and they put them through a rigorous vetting process.

In addition, an essay custom writing service can work on a very steep deadline.

It depends on the company in question, but there are sites that promise to write your paper in only 3 hours. It will be more expensive, but in a pinch, this is a luxury that you cannot do without.

Do I recommend that you use cheap custom essay writing for every task? Of course not.

The odds are that your budget won’t allow this overuse, even if you are willing.

The point of this section, and this article, in general, is to highlight the benefits of not exhausting yourself during exam periods.

If you can’t possibly finish all of your work, write my essay custom writing is the solution. Having a safety net and not abusing it will do wonders for your sleep schedule and your general wellbeing.

Inspiration and teaching

I like to consider myself a dutiful consumer. Before every purchase, I sit down and read reviews, watch Youtube videos, read Wikipedia articles, and so on.

Given this impulse, I couldn’t resist reading some posts regarding the best custom essay writing service. While there is no clear winner, some stand out.

Client testimonials mention not only the writing but also the support from the writer.

Up until this point, these firms were analyzed based on a student’s perspective with an overdue assignment. However, there are other reasons to order some writing.

It could be the case that you want to write your paper but are not exceptionally talented in this regard.

The best custom essay writing sites also offer consultation, enabling you to co-write the paper alongside a more experienced writer.

Or, you can order a paper and analyze its structure and style; a “see how it’s done” approach. After, you can select to purchase an editing, spellcheck, and plagiarism check service. Not all companies include these offers, but most do.

It may be the case that you fall in love with writing and will not require professional aid in the future.

In this regard, it is best to avoid companies that have a more detached process. Some companies let you talk to the writer for only a brief time window.

When I needed an excellent paper, I selected a site that allowed me to communicate with the writer regularly.

Not only did he do a better job due to my direct feedback, but I also learned how to format, outline, and do research.

Most crafts are not learned; they are stolen. Writing is a craft.

Popularity and reception amongst US students

Hiring a third party website to write your schoolwork isn’t inherently shameful or wrong. Still, it isn’t something that you proudly brag about on your CV. Custom essay writing online has become one of those services that everyone uses, but nobody discussed in public.

There are many students interested in online paper writer sites, judging by the number of searches. Also, the industry seems to be somewhat profitable.

There wouldn’t be dozens of different companies competing for the same market niche if there wasn’t any cash flow. Customers are supporting these sites, and more of them are popping up as time goes on.

And these are just the ones in English. The global market for essay writing is large, and it keeps growing. This competition keeps the custom essay writing services cheap and affordable on a student’s budget.

As a side note, while students make up most customers, there are others interested in these sites. For example, writers are often contracted to produce corporate speeches or presentations.

Corporate climbers are notoriously busy, so the relief offered by an expert freelance writer is welcome.

Still, all of these facts answer only half the question. Now you can understand why essay companies are popular with students, but why is there such a large US market?

Well, the truth is never simple. First, there is a fact that the US is the largest consumer-base on the planet. Most products and services have the US as their primary market. It is rich and populous.

Yet, there are other factors in play.

US education system is feeding the online essay market

The education system in the US is unique in many ways. The government offers to subsidize its citizen’s education via loans. Given this incentive, the University system has raised the tuition ten or twenty-fold, knowing that the loans will cover any cost. No matter how large the sum, you can get a loan for it.

The students are left to pay astounding amounts of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of their lives. Not even declaring bankruptcy will erase this debt. Besides, the economy is not doing very well.

To recap: there is a population of students buried in debt, often forced to work multiple jobs while studying. Also, given the immense risk taken, the pressure to succeed is emotionally overwhelming. And all of this is happening to people in their late teens or early twenties who are underslept and overworked.

Taking into consideration these factors, it becomes obvious why essay writing services are popular. I was a student myself, and there were nights when I would have given 1000 dollars so that I could sleep more.

Paper sites can take care of at least a few of your most pressing tasks. They can do the research, write everything, and even edit or spellcheck. You just have to pay for it and turn it in.

On many occasions, this is an offer that many US students can’t refuse.

Of course, a custom essay writing service USA can be contracted for work in any nation, given that it operates online. As long as the paper is in English, you can safely hire them.


There are seven billion people alive worldwide.

Nobody on this entire planet shares your circumstances. Nobody has your financial situation, your ability, and your academic history.

What I can tell you is that for many people, including myself, such a service was useful in a pinch. I didn’t turn it into a crutch or an excuse to skip my work. Instead, I used it for my secondary minor tasks, freeing me to do even more work on my major. It aided my productivity in a time when every minute counted.

That being said, this entire article was about analyzing the benefits and drawbacks of custom essay writing online. Ultimately the decision is yours.

You decide if it will help you and if the financial investment will return significant value.

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