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Richmond Weaver — Taking a Hard Look At The Importance of Sports in Our Lives With Maria Taylor

Living in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife Karen and three children. It seems as if ‘all-things-sports’ is Weaver’s forte.

Greenville, Greenville, South Carolina, 12/01/2020 / RS /

“WHAT TIME IS IT?” “GAME TIME!” If this rally cry sounds familiar, you have listened to the ‘Rich Take On Sports’ podcast with host Richmond Weaver. Weaver, a serial sports enthusiast, is known for his in-depth interviews with elite sports figures and celebrated media personnel. The rally cry comes from Randy Brown, former Chicago Bulls guard and he would say this before each game in the huddle.  Might be good to mention that somehow.

Living in Greenville, South Carolina with his wife Karen and three children. It seems as if ‘all-things-sports’ is Weaver’s forte. And in many ways, this assumption is correct. Weaver says sports have always been a huge part of his life. He currently hosts the Ingles Tailgate Show each Saturday a Clemson-centric football pre-game show and will be hosting a similar pre-game show for Clemson basketball games.

A pathway to the present

In childhood, Weaver recalls the basketball hoops that occupied hours upon hours of his time. Rich has always followed and played basketball since he was in kindergarten and tried to walk-on at Clemson University under head coach Cliff Ellis. Even though he didn’t make the team, he did become a student manager.

Weaver continued his pursuit of basketball knowledge at Clemson, where he was a watchful sideline line eye with the coaches, absorbing their expertise while developing his craft. All of his dedication and hard work paid off when he landed a D1 assistant coaching position at Fairleigh Dickson University for one year and moved on to the University of Maryland Eastern Shore as an assistant for two more years. Weaver didn’t know it at the time, but all of this experience laid the groundwork for his current position as a premier sports broadcaster. 

It makes sense that a curious mind like Weaver’s would branch out at some point. And it also makes sense that he would excel at all he pursued. Weaver spent over twenty years in medical device sales in different sales leadership positions whereby he helped build sales teams resulting in successful business acquisitions. 

While none of these positions had anything to do with sports, they had everything to do with Weaver’s attitude. He’s a winner. Whether it’s picking up tips and pointers on the bench as a youngster, becoming a D1 assistant coach, selling medical devices, building out winning sales teams, or interviewing top-tier sports and media figures — Weaver is a winner. And after his 20+ years in the business sector, Weaver wanted to go back to where his heart was leading him.

Locking down big interviews — Maria Taylor

With a mind and a heart for sports, Weaver decided to get back in the game as a broadcaster and podcast personality. And while this career was not something he had done before, Weaver dove in headfirst anyway — and he’s a natural.

Weaver’s interview style is relaxed and amiable because no matter who he’s interviewing, he wants for everyday listeners to feel like they are a part of intimate and private conversations with some of the most beloved sports figures. Almost all of his interviews have a common theme: Weaver tries to relay the importance of sports in people’s lives. This particular topic was present in a recent podcast interview with Maria Taylor, ESPN Host Analyst, and Reporter. (Listen to the entire interview here Maria Taylor Podcast.) 

Taylor, a talented black female sports reporter, was the 135th guest on Rich’s podcast, Rich Take on Sports commemorating the 3-year anniversary of launching the podcast. Both Taylor and Weaver lamented the end of The Last Dance series featuring the career of Michael Jordan, their undisputed original basketball great. Weaver and Taylor agreed that watching in retrospect was a completely different experience and one that filled in some blanks. For Taylor, she says that she didn’t know anything about the conflicts with management, coaches, and other players as a kid. She just loved watching the game and her sports heroes.

Taylor, a stand-out basketball and volleyball player at Georgia, knows a bit about hard work and sacrifice. At the D1 level, there’s not much time for anything other than sports. Weaver commented that anyone who knows the hardships of that path respects that kind of commitment because it often means making choices and giving up other aspects of your life to dedicate yourself to sports.

When asked about her legacy, Taylor was thoughtful and serious. Her selfless answer can serve as a lesson for us all. Maria doesn’t want fame and fortune for herself. She wants to contribute to the future, and she’s doing just that as co-founder of her non-profit, The Winning Edge Leadership Academy. The Winning Edge Leadership Academy, launched in 2015, is a social movement that aspires to alter the careers and life trajectories of the ‘Game Changers’ in this world, solidifying a pipeline for organizations leading the way in sports and entertainment.

For Weaver, interviewing popular sports figures is a way for one more sports-lover to get their story out there. And he loves them all because each one is unique and special in their own way. And for sports enthusiasts like Weaver, there are never enough stories about a young kid who discovers sports and continues to be impacted by its lessons for a lifetime.

While Weaver is an ‘equal opportunity’ sports fan, he proudly dons Clemson Orange. As a Clemson grad, Weaver has passed the torch to both of his sons, both are currently at Clemson (one a Junior and one a Freshman) The verdict is still out for his daughter, a Junior in high school; however, the possibility of being a Tiger someday is high.

With a wealth of experiences in his rearview there will always be more interviews and more stories to uncover, and he will continue to take a hard look at how sports impact us all. Check out all Richmond Weaver has to offer in the following links.

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