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Don’t Start Baking Unless You Have These 5 Ingredients

This article is about the the 5 ingredients that are necessary before anyone should start baking.

London, 11/25/2020 / Konnected Solutions /

Taking up the art of baking can be a new and exciting experience for anyone, whether you’re just starting out or have a bit of experience already. There are several ways to prepare yourself for the world of baking and avoid any potential blunders that could unexpectedly occur. One of which is being fully stocked with the essential ingredients that any baker should have in their cupboard, fridge, and freezer at any one time. 

So whether you’re baking a cake, making cookies, muffins, pies, or pancakes, these essential items will guarantee that you are ready to create your delectable masterpiece whenever you desire. 

Extracts & Flavourings 

    A baked good isn’t complete without some pure vanilla extract to give it that warm, spicy aroma and flavour. Vanilla extract can be bought in both liquid and paste form, and you only need to use a tiny amount to appreciate its effects. There are several vanilla extract substitutes available on the market if you are struggling to get your hands on the real stuff. 


      There are several types of flour out there that can be used to suit whichever baked good you are making, from whole grain flour to cake flour. The most basic type of flour that can be used to make virtually any baked goods is all-purpose flour. As the name suggests, this jack-of-all-trades ingredient can produce everything from bread rolls to cookies and muffins. It is primarily made from a blend of hi-gluten hard wheat and low-gluten soft wheat. It is also milled to remove all the wheat germ and bran, giving baked goods a light and fluffy texture. 


        Believe it or not, there is some science that is involved in baking, mainly in the use of leaveners. Basic leaveners are the ingredients that cause chemical reactions to fill batters and dough with tiny gas bubbles that result in baked goods rising. The main two types of leaveners are chemical and biological and can be found in the form of baking soda, baking powder, and yeast. 

        Sugar & Salt 

          Sugar and salt are staple ingredients in most recipes, specifically baked goods. There are several different types of alternative sugars and salts, from granulated and brown sugar to kosher and sea salt. Ingredients will usually specify which type of sugar and salt to use for making a particular baked good. 


            Finally, no baker’s fridge is complete without the basic dairy ingredients to bind all of the dry ingredients together and make that gooey dough we all know and love. The main dairy products that are present in most baking recipes are butter, eggs, and milk. There are several alternatives and substitutes to suit your particular dietary needs, such as unsalted or salted butter, and plant-based milks such as soy, coconut, rice, or nuts. 

            There is nothing worse than deciding to enjoy an afternoon of baking, or perhaps wanting to bake something special for the one you love, only to find the most basic ingredients missing from your cupboard or fridge. Stocking up on these essential ingredients will stop that from happening and ensure you can create all of the baked goods you’d like at the whisk of a bowl.

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