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Bluecatpaper Launches its New and Innovative Range of Eco Friendly Tree – Free Paper.

Assorted paper sets are available in 3 variants – assorted coffee and tea paper, assorted plant fiber paper and assorted cotton rag colour paper. Sketchbooks are available in 2 sizes and colours.

Bengaluru, 11/15/2020 / /

Bluecatpaper – a company based in Bangalore, that makes only sustainable tree-free paper has announced its new range of handmade paper. Their new releases include a) Assorted Paper Set b) Sketchbook / Artbook.

Assorted paper sets are available in 3 different variants – assorted coffee and tea paper, assorted plant fiber paper and assorted cotton rag colour paper. Sketchbooks / Artbooks are available in 2 different sizes and colours.

Bluecatpaper takes responsibility to save trees, save water, and reduce waste in order to bring down the carbon footprint present in the environment. This innovative zero-waste startup has made its mark in the pulp and paper industry, by making paper from the secondary agro and textile waste.

Coffee and Tea Paper

“If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; If this is tea, please bring me some coffee.

We have both !” says Kavya Madappa, founder of Bluecatpaper.

This is how they proudly announce their range of assorted coffee and tea paper. This handmade paper is created from the coffee husk and tea leaves and is one of a kind. The coffee husk is collected from estates in Coorg and Chikmagalur and is brought to the Bluecatpaper factory located in Peenya, Bangalore.

The husk adds a beautiful texture when it is blended with cotton and acquires a beautiful coffee brown as the colour seeps into the cotton. The husk turns into a pulp, and then a gorgeous, rebellious sheet of coffee husk paper is created. Dry husk can also be added onto the paper giving it a texture quite unlike anything you have seen…

Tea leaves that are discarded are sent from tea factories and using this tea waste Bluecatpaper creates tea paper. This paper resonates with textures of all that is good in tree-free, handmade paper. This paper can make interesting notebooks, journals, books covers, tags, invites, bags or virtually anything that paper can be used for.

Bluecatpaper has released 5 varieties of coffee and tea paper. Colors vary from light, dark brown to a deep blue-grey hue. All colours are assorted and form a pack of 25 with 5 colours each.

These papers are perfect examples of being tree-free. It is not necessary to cut trees for paper production.
Traditional paper made from trees contains more than 65 chemicals and waste a whole lot of water. They are made from secondary waste and they recycle the water for paper production.

“This is a perfect example of 100% sustainable, eco-friendly recycled and upcycled paper. Choose tree-free paper. Save trees” says Kavya.

Plant Fiber Paper 

Bluecatpaper has another surprise for you. Eight varieties of Handmade Tree-Free paper made from residual plant fiber.

The assorted plant fiber paper pack of 24 includes three sheets of each of the following.
Banana Paper, Coconut Paper, Flax Paper, Purple Mulberry Paper, Lemongrass Paper, Sugarcane Paper, and Blue sugarcane Paper.

Lemongrass fiber after extraction of lemongrass oil is considered waste and discarded. However, the extraction process, in turn, makes the fiber strong and smooth clean paper.

Sugarcane has a residual waste after the sugar making process called Bagasse. Bagasse fiber is high in cellulose and can be printed on as it’s a smooth fiber.

Similarly, all the other fibers are rescued from being burnt or left to decompose and put into use at the Bluecatpaper factory, thereby saving many trees in the bargain. This method of using discarded plant fiber is called Upcycling.

The fiber is cooked to remove lignin, and then washed and made into a pulp. Thereafter they are lovingly turned into sheets. The sheets are then dried to form a beautiful and strong acid-free paper.

Bluecatpaper is proud of its efforts to be a part of saving the environment. Their concept of making sustainable paper, in turn, helps them to recycle and save over 55,000 liters of water every day. Each of these papers is 100% sustainable.

The plant fibers are high in cellulose content and are therefore an ideal solution for being turned into paper. Sustainable paper is possible when you do not cut trees for paper and do not wastewater. The papers are internally sized and can be used for sketching, artwork, wedding cards, gift tags, special notes.

Colourful handmade cotton rag paper that is eco – friendly too!

These lovely colourful paper will make you fall in love with them instantly. They are not made from trees. Cotton is a versatile crop. The fiber is strong and yet flexible. The tree-paper is made from upcycled cotton rags from textile factories.

Their range of assorted colour paper pack of 24 sheets has the most beautiful colours. 

All the papers made at Bluecatpaper are handmade. Cotton contains high cellulose that can be turned into high quality, chemical-free paper and they have achieved this relentlessly by educating textile factories to segregate waste and supply it to the factory to turn into paper.

The process to make those colourful papers starts with colour sorting, the most important aspect to retain those colours of the fabric since they do not add any artificial dyes. This gives the paper those beautiful colours naturally.

Each sheet takes about 3 days to be ready. The edges are deckled as the water when pressed gushes out from the edges forming a unique part of handmade paper. 

These are very sustainable paper. This paper is great for calligraphy, invitations, card making, screen printing, stationery, art and craft. 

When you feel these sheets of paper, it is easy to understand why the tree-free paper is so beautiful. The cellulose content makes the paper naturally strong with no chemicals. The colours are earthy and eco friendly

Draw and paint in sketchbooks and art books made with sustainable paper

New Sketchbooks from BluecatPaper

A new, surprising collection of sketchbooks launched by Bluecatpaper. This makes a perfect place to create an artist’s own masterpiece. Sketch, doodle or paint those thoughts! Bluecatpaper encourages you to bring out the artist within. These sustainable tree-free paper sketchbooks are sure to make you do just that.

The Sketchbook is handmade and is wire-o bound, making it easy to carry around. The sheets have perforation, making it convenient to tear away.

It is a great choice of gifts for every occasion. Buying these eco-friendly sketchbooks is a way one can contribute to saving the planet Earth. 

Bluecatpaper has launched 4 variants in sketchbooks. The book includes 20 Pages of 250 GSM High-Quality Acid-Free Drawing Paper. The Sketchbook cover is made of handmade hardbound with wiro binding.

The size varies from 17” X 12” and 11” X 14” and two colour options to choose from. Beige and white. The paper is created from cotton rags from textile industries. 

Staying home during the COVID-19 times can sure bring out more introspection into how to go green and save our planet. 

Bluecatpaper shows us how to do this with their constant efforts to make a difference.

Buy these products of Bluecatpaper through their online store Also available on Amazon and Flipkart.


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