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With the hopeful end of Covid in sight, B2B companies are at a fork in the road.

B2B companies are nearing an inflection point. As Covid subsides, budget restrictions will lift. Time is limited to update marketing strategies so they’re prepared to launch out of the gates.

Longmont, CO – Colorado, United States, 11/14/2020 / /

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year all around. Both personally and professionally, everyone has faced their fair share of trials and tribulations. B2B companies have felt the pullback on so many levels, affecting integral aspects like their workforce, supply channels, and revenue, to the tune of 21-66% disruption based on industry.

But there may be a light edging nearer at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Companies like Pfizer, with their 90% effective vaccine trial, are moving ever closer to a hopeful alleviation of this Pandemic. The question then becomes, as a business, are you ready to hit the ground running when the “next normal” becomes just “normal”?

Effective B2B businesses have been actively making strategic shifts within their organizations to prepare for that “normal”, when budget restrictions start lifting and the playing field becomes more active. 

Chief Strategist of Dakota Ridge Marketing, Mark Howells, has worked with B2B businesses throughout the slowdown to develop their marketing strategies as a catalyst of preparation for launching out of the gate. It’s an important aspect of this process to work with a trusted guide to develop everything from your audience segmentation and branding to key messaging and omni channel implementation to proper goal management and data integration. 

“With the state of things this year, it’s tough to see the current business environment as an opportunity,” Mark asserted, “but if you can see the extra time as the means to focus on elevating your marketing strategies and tactics, it can be extremely beneficial for the long term growth of your company.” 

Now is an important inflection point in every business’s life cycle. A fork in the road defining the future of the competitive landscape within each industry. 

Businesses can continue things the same old way, hoping that it will work in the new environment. Or, in a spark of insightful leadership, they can decide to work with a company like Dakota Ridge Marketing to review, analyze and enhance marketing strategies, tactics, and implementation processes. 

It will pay long term dividends to engage every opportunity enhanced B2B strategies hold as we come out of this horrible year.

Mark Howells, Dakota Ridge Marketing – 1-720-597-3737


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