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Camfil US Experts Explain N95 Respiratory Masks & Air Filters

N95 Respiratory Masks & Air Filters – An In-depth air filtration resource by Dave Blackwell, Director of Healthcare for Camfil USA

Riverdale, NJ, 10/12/2020 / /

If you were not familiar with the N95 respiratory mask before the COVID-19 pandemic, you almost certainly are now. The fabrics that make up the N95 mask are easy to breathe through and able to filter out dangerous airborne pathogens too small for our eyes to see. In times like these, N95 masks can be the difference between life and death. While the N95 is widely known, the meaning behind the letter N and the significance of the number 95 may be a mystery.  This detail article covers:

  • What Does N95 Stand For?
  • How the N95 Masks Capture Small Particles 
  • The Effect Accumulating Ultra-fine Dirt Particles Has on Charged Media
  • An Addition Added to the MERV 52.2 Test Standard to Account for the Phenomenon
  • About Camfil Clean Air Solutions 

Read the entire article on:

About the Author Dave Blackwell, Camfil USA 

Dave is based in Lubbock, TX, as a Director of Healthcare for Camfil USA and is responsible for the national market share growth of air filtration products within the healthcare/hospital markets. He has been featured in top news and technical publications: 

About Camfil USA 

For more than half a century, Camfil has been helping people breathe cleaner air. As a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimize energy use, and benefit human health and the environment.

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Media Contact: 

Lynne Laake 

Camfil USA Air Filters 

T: 888.599.6620 

E: [email protected]

F: Friend  Camfil USA on Facebook

T: Follow Camfil USA on Twitter 

Y: Watch Camfil Videos on YouTube

L: Follow our LinkedIn Page 

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