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Dallas-Fort Worth On High Alert As Storms Bring Hail Damage

Dallas roofing company, R2 Roof Guys, explain what homeowners should do if they believe their roof suffered hail damage after today’s North Texas storms.

Garland , TX, USA, 05/29/2019 / /

Dallas, TX / May 29, 2019 / — With the severe weather threat of hail, tornados and destructive storms moving through the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex today, North Texas homeowners are on high alert. As the weather in Dallas continues to see torrential downfalls, news channels are sounding the alarms and comparing it to previous damaging thunderstorms. After the hail damage in Wylie, TX during April 2016, homeowners are quite familiar with supercell hailstorms. However, for most DFW residents, the threat of bad weather and hailstorms can still leave people with a sense of uneasiness.

Many homeowners flock to a reliable roofing company immediately after severe weather and hailstorms hit their areas. Unfortunately, hailstorms can destroy roof shingles, break down protective layers, and cause serious dents and damage to your roof, and in extreme cases even damage your roof decking.

Instead of having to spend more on a roof replacement, opting for monthly maintenance can help you detect any roof problems before a storm hits. If you’re noticing any of the following signs after the rain subsides, then you should immediately seek the help of an experienced Dallas roofing company. The team at R2 Roof Guys have experience with hail damage roof repairs and will conduct a free hail damage roof inspection for homeowners affected by today’s storms.

1. Missing and Dented Shingles

Always look towards the shingles to spot any kind of hail damage. Heavy hail and high winds are most likely to peel off or erode the shingles of your roof. If the shingles go missing, the underlayment is exposed, which weakens your roof and as a result the structure of your home.

2. Interior Damage

If you can spot water stains on your ceiling right after a hailstorm subsides, then you likely already have a roof leak. If the roof develops cracks or loses a layer, it will only be a matter of time before the water starts trickling down into your house. If you notice any leaks on walls or windows, immediately seek the help of a roof repair company.

3. Mold Growth and Roof Leaks

The moisture that leaks out of the roof will also cause mildew and mold on the corners if left unchecked. Always check your basement, attic and any other dark areas of the house for mold growth.

4. Energy Bills Going Through the Roof

If the hail has damaged the underlayment of your roof, it will not be able to efficiently insulate the house. For this reason, you may find yourself turning up the heat or cranking up the air conditioner depending on what type of climate you live in. Roof damage can eventually put a massive strain on the heating and cooling systems in your home, which is reflected by an increase in your energy bills.

Next Steps If You Believe Your Roof Has Hail Damage

If your roof is visibly damaged, it will show all these signs of hail damage. Make sure to call in a professional contractor for any hail damage roof repairs before the problems get worse. Your roof is the most fundamental part of your exterior, so you should only settle for the best roofing company. R2 Roof Guys is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly offering roof repair and roof replacement services for DFW and the surrounding cities for over 30 years.  Call 214-405-4396 and speak to the team at R2 Roof Guys in Garland, TX today.

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