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Dallas Roofing Company – Holiday Lights Safety Tips!

Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex roofers R2 Roof Guys share tips to keep your holidays safe when you decorate with holiday lights.

Garland, TX, USA, 11/14/2018 / /

Dallas, TX / November 14, 2018 / — Dallas-Fort Worth roofing contractor, R2 Roof Guys, wants to help you get in the holiday spirit safely. Holiday lights are a cheerful addition to your home, but there are some things to watch out for to keep your home and family safe when you use them. Here are some tips to help you spread some sparkly holiday cheer safely.

Holiday Lights Safety Tips

Check your holiday lights for the following

  • Proper Ratings – You can find bargain lights and not spend very much, but they aren’t a safe idea if they are going to cause a fire hazard. Make sure that you see the safety ratings on the box and that they were done by Intertek, ETL Semco, or Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), they are the leading testers of holiday lights.
  • Fraying – If you’re pulling your holiday lights out of storage, be sure that you check them for any fraying in the wires before you string them up. Fraying can lead to an electrical short or even cause a fire.

When hanging your lights:

  • Choose their placement carefully – Don’t hang your holiday lights anywhere that is near something that may pose a fire threat, such as fireplaces, candles or space heaters.
  • Hang lights carefully – Don’t use nails, staples or tacks to hang holiday lights. These can damage the cords and cause electrical shorts. Instead, use the insulated holders that are designed for the type of lights you are using.
  • Check your extension cords – Make sure that any extension cords you use are not damaged in any way, and do not overload them with too much wattage to handle.

After your holiday lights are hung:

  • Replace burned out bulbs – It’s important to replace bulbs that burn out as soon as you notice them. It can be dangerous to have hanging strands of lights with missing sockets.
  • Turn lights off when you’re not home – Only turn on your holiday lights when someone is home to attend to them should there be a problem.

Don’t ruin your holiday season by not taking the proper precautions when you are using strings of holiday lights. When you are careful, you can have both a beautiful and safe holiday.

Let R2 Roof Guys Hang Your Holiday Lights Safely

If you want to ensure that your holiday lights are hung beautifully and safely, let the experts at R2 Roof Guys do it for you. They will put them up before the holidays and come back to take them down after. Contact R2 Roof Guys at 214-238-9321 today to schedule hanging your holiday lights.  

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