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Dallas Roofing Company – Why Does Roof Flashing Matter?

Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex roofers at R2 Roof Guys discuss the importance of maintaining roof flashing.

Garland , 11/08/2018 / /

Dallas-Fort Worth roofing contractor, R2 Roof Guys, helps Texans ensure that their roof flashing is in good condition to protect their homes from leaks and water damage. While people understand the importance of repairing damage to shingles or holes in a roof, many overlook the significance of making sure that a roof’s flashing is in good shape.

What is Roof Flashing?

Roof flashing is designed to provide extra protection where roof surfaces join together. For example, it is used along roof joints and the tops of dormers. Flashing is also used in waterproofing areas where a roof opens to allow for other structures like skylights, elevated vents or chimneys. It is usually made of strips of galvanized steel or aluminum, and it plays a vital role in safeguarding the edges where leaks often cause significant damage to the roof and the home below.

Why Roof Flashing is Important

Flashing is an especially important part of the roof system for a number of reasons. First, of course, is that it provides extra protection to the home from leaks that occur in vulnerable areas. If flashing isn’t secure or missing, it’s likely that leaks will happen. Second, it also helps prevent moisture-related problems from developing such as a weakened roof structure or mold damage, which can grow when moisture is trapped under shingles that have missing or damaged flashing. Additionally, roof flashing also prevents insects from finding their way into the roof and damaging the roof system or attic.

Periodic Roof Inspections Help Maintain Roof Flashing

Because roof flashing plays such a significant role in the protection of the roof and home, it is important to pay close attention to its condition. Having regular roof inspections will ensure that damage to flashing doesn’t go unnoticed, subjecting the whole roof system and the home to possible damage. It is typically much less expensive to repair roof flashing than to fix leaks that have developed around exposed roof surfaces.

In Texas, it’ especially important to have roofs inspected following storms with heavy winds or hail. If there are rattling sounds coming from the roof when the wind is blowing, it may mean the roof flashing is loose or damaged. Ensuring that your roof flashing is in good condition ultimately extends the lifespan of your whole roofing system.

Call R2 Roof Guys for a Roof Inspection

Ensure that your roof flashing is in good shape to avoid costly damage and inconvenience. R2 Roof Guys can help you with all your roofing needs, including roof inspection and roof repair. We are reputable, experienced, and will answer all your questions to make sure you can make an informed decision regarding your roof. Contact R2 Roof Guys at 214-238-9321 today to schedule your roof inspection.  

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