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Title: Futuristic, mind-blowing app hits the markets!

The first of its kind: Mind-to-Holographic Universe interface, combining three unique metaphysical technologies, forming one large force that you can direct anywhere you like!

Limassol, Limassol, CYPRUS, 10/02/2018 / /

The Wish Manifestation App™ is believed to be the first of its kind: Mind-to-Holographic Universe interface! Notably, the Mind-to-Holographic Universe interface is enabled by a device and an app. The postmodern solution was formulated by George C. Georgiou, a renowned chiropractor, clinical hypnotherapist, and also an inventor, researcher of the supernatural, and has been exploring human potential for at least 25 years.

During one of Mr. Georgiou’s notorious, long mid-day breaks from work, which were meant to accommodate his spiritual practices, such as meditation, he noticed that sessions often ended with various interactions with his Higher Self. The Wish Manifestation App™ was conceptualized during one such session when Mr. Georgiou wanted to learn more about the concept of the Holographic Universe, a term that he was frequently hearing, but knew nothing about.

The knowledge that he received that day, combined with his existing knowledge on Mandalas and Yantras, the sacred paintings from the Hindu tradition, resulted in the creation of a YamatechTM, the heart and soul found within the Wish Manifestation AppTM.

The Wish Manifestation AppTM plays an instrumental role in manifesting your wishes and all that your heart could desire using numerous channels of manifestation, including the law of attraction, to eliminate (on an energetic level) any negative belief patterns or thoughts that you might be having. In that way, you can achieve your wishes faster and effortlessly. This is one of many core aspects that make the application exceptionally powerful.

The Wish Manifestation AppTM is the first of its kind, one-off meta-technology that can be programmed to expedite the manifestation of the users’ desires. This powerful metaphysical tool works for you in the background by overseeing events that are required to take place and guiding you to take the right action that will lead to the manifestation of your wishes and subsequently the accomplishment of the pre-set goals that you are asked to write under the Yamatech™ section of the app.

The user starts the journey by downloading the app. Once the name has been entered, it cannot be changed. The setting was strategically made to ensure that the app only works with your energy alone. It is a protection mechanism that ensures that in the event of the phone getting lost or being stolen, all the wishes that could be added by another person will be voided because the YamatechsTM will only recognize your energy.

The app has four different YamatechsTM, each with a description of their specialized field, so the user can choose the right one according to their wish type and write their wish in the designated field.

The YamatechsTM are activated, according to your time preference which can be set in the control room, transferring your wishes to the Holographic Universe. This in turn orchestrates the events that you need to take place resulting in the acceleration of your wishes being manifested in your life!

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