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The Talented Actress Farida Will Be Playing A Complicated Psychological Role

The movie Stains of Steel is a movie with a more complicated plot than any of the other mainstream films out there.

Los Angeles, CA, USA, 05/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Dark Stains of Steel
The young, and talented actress Farida will be playing a complicated psychological role in the new movie Stains of Steel, directed by Alberto Frezza, in which she plays a mentally disturbed person who falls in love with a murderer. This is one of the hardest roles that Farida ever played because unlike the others the main character is very twisted, and this is revealed later on in the movie. Farida wrote the script and starred in the movie at the same time, and it will be seen in film festivals in Egypt, Italy, and Los Angeles.
The movie Stains of Steel is a movie with a more complicated plot than any of the other mainstream films out there. Farida played Willow which is her darkest role to date. The mood of the movie is quiet and unnerving much like something one would expect to see in a mystery.
Farida’s performance in the movie is so convincing, because she plays it with such fervor. Her character Willow is a mother who comes from a middle class background and she lost her child eight months ago. Despite the emotionally painful death of her child, Willow still washes his clothes in the laundromat every week. There is something odd about the relationship that Willow has with this man that she named Jack. She meets him at a twenty four hour laundry room at least once every week. The plot thickens even more when one takes into account the fact that the audience is oblivious to the dark secret in the movie. In Stains of Steel the characters know more than the viewers watching.
Stains of Steel is a film scarier than Psycho, which is famous because it changed the horror genre. The bulk of the movies that people watch usually have a good protagonist fighting against an evil villain. In this movie there is no good and evil. There is a woman who suffered the tragic loss of her son, but she can’t be considered a protagonist by any stretch of the English language, because she is far from a victim. Even though Willow didn’t play any role in her son’s death, that doesn’t change the fact that she is still guilty because she knows who the killer is and refuses to make him pay for his crimes. And then there is Jack, a young, elegant, and polite young man who feels depressed, and isn’t able to move on with his life.
Farida is a great actress who plays a lot of action roles, and has lots of experience working in the film industry. Nevertheless she admits that this was a very difficult role to play for a variety of reasons. Willow is a person of many contradictions and she is an extremely complex character. When the audience sees the movie they will either lover her or hate her. Farida has worked extra hard on this role in order to try and understand the weird relationship that Willow and Jack have in the story. All the hard work paid off when Farida played the role perfectly and the character came to life on screen. 

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