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Farida Is A Brilliant And Talented Actress Who Has Brought Tears To Audiences

Words is a drama film about a little girl named Haya who was raped by a plumber. When she got older she traveled to Los Angeles to start a new life.

Los Angeles, CA, USA, 05/11/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Words of Solace


Farida Abdel Aziz is a brilliant and talented actress who has brought tears to audiences in both film and television because of her impeccable ability to play emotional roles, and her performance in Words, a movie written by Lamia Alshwwier and Farida Abdel Aziz. The movie was screened at the Warner Brothers Studio, and is on it’s way to the film festival in Dubai as well as other places all over the world.


Words is a drama film about a little girl named Haya who was raped by a plumber. When she got older she traveled to Los Angeles to start a new life. Haya attempts to drown out her pain from the past in drugs, alcohol, shady friends, and even religion. No matter how hard she tries to kill her horrible memories of the past, and forget her painful ordeal nothing helps her achieve this goal. Eventually she decides to publish a video on the web, in which she proceeds to discuss how she was sexually abused as a child.


Farida’s depiction of the character Haya is positively astounding. Unlike most actresses she has a unique gift, for playing three dimensional characters that have the quality, of being very believable. Her character has a multitude of complex emotions to deal with, resulting from the troublesome past she had, when she was raped at a very young age. There are no words to describe how well Farida acted out the role of Haya in this movie. She created an impassioned, intense atmosphere in the film Words that also went into great depth, about the seriousness of sexual abuse, and violence against women.


Words is one of the simplest titles ever used for a film. Despite it’s modesty, this title sums up what the character Haya is trying to do, after being physically and emotionally abused. She is making an effort to speak and make her voice heard, by posting a video on the internet to share her pains, and struggles with the rest of the world but to no avail. She gets ridiculed in the process, and the comments section of her page ends up getting filled, with hateful comments from viewers. Heartless and cruel people write to Haya making statements such as “you deserve to die” and other violent, and sexist language that claim she was looking for attention. After being attacked, in the most vicious and personal way Haya contemplates, whether or not she should commit suicide. Her confidence is restored, after seeing some positive responses to her first video, and she decides to record another video and keep on living until she heals.


Some of the films Farida starred in recently included both drama and action movies. The movie Words will be very well received at film festivals, and in theatres around the world. In the artistic and glamorous world of acting, Farida is a true entertainer, who earned her place on the stage with distinction. She is also highly respected for her willingness to play difficult roles that involve hate crimes, social issues, and other controversial problems.  


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