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Adriana And The Gorlesque Haunt

Adriana Castillo is an experienced, working actress with a natural talent for the stage, and she’s using her abilities to play in various TV shows and movies.

Hollywood, California, USA, 03/29/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

The well-known and highly respected actress Adriana Castillo is most famous for the play Angel Academy, directed by Chris Berube, as well as the show Gorlesque produced by Pete Metzger. She is currently starring in the wonderful film Hidden, which is a movie that was nominated for Best Film at the Guerrillas Awards 2017 in Spain.


Gorlesque is a show with arguably the most idiosyncratic, scary, and frightening haunted house in 2016. If you want the full terrifying experience, of a typical Halloween-style scare incorporated with sex then this is the horror for you. Gorlesque is a psychological thriller about a demented, and pathological German doctor named Dr. Weltshmertz, who has a sick obsession with perfection. Unfortunately perfection is not all that it appears to be, as visitors arriving in Dr. Weltschmertz cult headquarters the Weltschmertz Society soon discover for themselves.


Hidden is yet another thriller, where the beautiful and talented Adriana plays the role of Alicia, a girl who is accused of a crime that she is innocent of, but pleading not guilty could mean the demise of her boyfriend, played by Jacob Anton. Adriana claimed that the most satisfying part about her role as the character Alicia, was being able to give life to a character, whose emotions were that of unconditional love, and the fear of lack of trust for her loved ones. In films like Hidden Adriana’s extraordinary talent, allowed her to portray a character as complex as Alicia. This role reminded her of the reasons why she wanted to become an actress in the first place. In order for the audience to see something they can relate to in their own life.


The depth of Adriana’s work and her experience playing in thrillers, and action movies is proof of how gifted she is. Her next project will be a TV commercial for the special brand I Can Afford College, which will be released on national television in March. This commercial is extremely inspirational because of the ambitious, and enthusiastic character called Maria Esperanza played by Adriana. The name Esperanza itself is a play on words because Esperanza means hope in English. Commercials are one of Adriana’s biggest strengths, and the I Can Afford College one is more impressive than many others. It encourages people to receive a higher education, and become more successful in life. Adriana Castillo is an experienced, working actress with a natural talent for the stage, and by using her ability to play in various TV shows and movies, she will bring something new to the entertainment industry. 


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